You Must Have Jhumka Earrings

Misstalkaholic jhumka earring

Remember the song – Jhumka Gira Re?  We, Indians love the song and the Jhumka as well. Jhumka reminds us about our history, tradition, royalty, heritage and a contemporary dancer in form. Jhumkas are an absolute must-have for an Indian woman. Indian Jhumka earrings are unique, glamorous and make their own style statement.

Jhumkas started their journey in the Southern India’s tradition, ages ago. Typical Jhumka earrings go well with ethnic and fusion clothes. Jhumka is a part of traditional Indian jewelry and never goes out of trend. I love to wear Jhumka on any & many occasions. I have many Jhumka earrings in my jewelry box, so today I thought to share them with you.


Do you know, the making of Jhumka requires great skills and they are made with hammered metal? They are an all-time favorite jewelry of every Indian girl. You can style them with a casual dress in your college, or with formals in your office.

Nowadays, Jhumka earrings come in different styles & colors too. But, before choosing one consider the length of your neck and the shape of your face. Those with round face, must not wear big and heavy Jhumka. Also, select the color of your Jhumka according to your skin tone. If you have a dark skin then gold will suit you the best while Silver Jhumkas go well with fair skin color.


I hope your love for Jhumka or Jhumki has become as craziest as mine. No matter how many Jhumkas we have in our “that-wooden-box”, we girls can never have enough Jhumka earrings with us. Flaunt your love for Jhumka with style.

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  1. Wow, you look gorgeous! 😍 Jhumka earrings are my all time favourite☺ I’ve always loved to wear those with salwar! Now that you have reminded me of these earrings, I envy you, lol 😋

  2. Beautiful girl. Beautiful earrings. I have a few of my own. I did not know what they were called or that they had a name, They are quite lovely. Thank you for educating us on Jhumka earrings.

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