Woollen Wrap Coat At Airport

Hey Guys!

I am in the most populous city in India, yes you got it – Bombay! To let you know, Bombay is the world’s 5th largest city, the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India. The city is the home to the Bollywood film industry. Oh, before someone else pinpoints me, I will correct myself to call the correct name today, Mumbai.

I wore my new woolen wrap coat by Twinkledeals while coming from Delhi where the weather is super windy and chilly but Mumbai city never gets to witness the winter. So, I won’t be able to wear my wrap coat here. It is a tunic draped coat but I decided to keep it open with a spaghetti top, blue shorts and shoes. It is really warm and I loved the khaki color the most. It is definitely my best buy for this year.

I am sharing my airport look today and I will tell you about my journey when I’ll come back. I gotta hit the road. See you till then!

*In collaboration with Twinkledeals

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