Winter Fun In The Sun

lodhi garden

One of my favorite aspects of winter is soaking up the sun- I love to sit in the sun for hours. Luckily, Delhi is a city of modern and heritage, where we have rooftop cafe and monuments too. I like to visit monuments in winter the most because I cannot go there during summer. Luckily, I have the guy who is way more rambler than me. We like to roam on a two-wheeler on cold days. We go on long drives early morning to have a cup of tea only.

I know this is just insane and we love doing it. Winter has already knocked on Delhi’s door but daytime sees the clear sky with only smog, not fog. Yes, the air quality continues to stay in the poor group, despite winter rains. But, we are Delhi Wallas, and we know to live even in unlikeness.

In today’s blog post I am sharing in-the-moment photos. Today, I went to The Lodhi Gardens. The place is really happening during winters and a favorite spot of photographers. Last year, I wrote about the same place & I think I will keep adding more informative pieces about the place because it’s worth the effort. If you are in Delhi and haven’t been there already, what are you waiting for?

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  1. your yellow top is very vibrant and attractive. it looks like honeycomb or snakeskin. its funny how you describe yourself as a wallah. when someone is being funny we call them a wally 😉 this is probably short for wallaby. they are a cousin of the kangaroo. next time please show us more of you standing next to the flowers. thanks for opening up your beautiful eyes and showing them to us. I want to see you looking at us though not just in profile. even if it does make you look like an Egyptian princess <3 you are ravishingly beautiful always

    1. Haha! Walah is a common word in hindi. Sometimes it means “this one”, “that one”.. and the word goes like dilliwala, indiawala, londonwala and so on… Your words always fill my heart with happiness.

      1. thanks for your beautiful words. you inspire me towards greatness. you challenge me to be more loving . you teach me so much about your country and also about writing through the way you express your love for love your passion for justice and your almost religious devotion to fashion 😉 I love your work blogwalah 🙂

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