Where You Can Roam In Dehradun In Just One Day

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On our way to Mussoorie, we decided to make a stop at Dehradun for one day so that we could enjoy more & more places in one trip. The name Dehradun is a collection of two words “dera” meaning camp and “dun” meaning valley.

Dehradun city falls almost 33 km before Mussoorie. Located in the Garhwal region, Dehradun City is one of the oldest cities in India and the capital of Uttarakhand. Dehradun is not considered a Hill Station, but there are many in the Dehradun district. It is well connected and in proximity to the Hindu holy cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh along with the Himalayan pilgrimage circuit of Chota Char Dham.

We started our journey from Delhi at 4 am and reached Dehradun by 8 am without halting anywhere. After check-in in our hotel and refreshing ourselves, we left the hotel at 10 am for our first spot i.e. Sahastradahra.


Sahastradhara, which means ‘Thousand fold spring’ is a famous tourist spot in Dehradun. The water is fresh and sweet, also known for its therapeutic value since it contains Sulphur. At the Baldi river, tourist visits Sahastradhara in large number to watch the beauty of a large collection of waterfalls and caves.

Nearby Sahastradhara, there is a ropeway, which takes tourists to the top of the hill from where they can get a 360-degree view of the beautiful valley, apart from beautiful gardens maintained on the top of the hill.

We spent only 3-4 hours at Sahastradhara because we wanted to cover most of the tourist places of the city in one day. Though, the place is so beautiful that one can spend the whole day with family and friends here. Next, we headed on towards Robber’s cave.

Robbers Cave

Robber’s cave (locally known as Guchhupani) is a river cave formed about 8 kilometers from Dehradun. It is essentially a river running through a cave-like natural formation. Robber’s Cave is 600 meters long and a very popular tourist spot. The place got its name from the facts that the cave was the hideout of robbers during the British rule.

I must say the place is so beautiful and interesting and I wanted to take a bath in the waterfall that flows inside but I couldn’t because I am prone to cold. Before the sunset, we reached Dehradun Zoo that was our 3rd stop for the day.

Dehradun Zoo

Formerly known as Malsi Deer Park, the Dehradun Zoo ranks 10th in the list of 181 Zoos in the World according to the leading social networking site, Facebook. Just an hour away from the top hill station of Mussoorie, this zoo is developed as a mini-zoological park and offers a glorious view of the heavenly natural beauty surrounding the area. The Dehradun Zoo offers facilities for kids, beautiful views, and consists of local & international species.

Dehradun Zoo is not too large but beautifully constructed, though I don’t think one must visit here if you are not accompanying kids or you love to see animals. At last, we ended our day trip at Paltan Bazar, after having dinner at Rajpur Road. I didn’t shop anything from the market because I couldn’t find anything worthy or special. You must visit here if you have plenty of time or a local person to accompany you.

Paltan Bazaar

Paltan Bazaar is the main local market in Dehradun. You can pick spices, edibles, clothes and great artifacts here. Being one of the crowded markets, Paltan Bazaar is permanently filled with the fragrances of Basmati rice and spices, for which it is well known. It is located in the heart of the city near the clock tower.

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