Where To Roam In Delhi When You Have No Money


Demonetisation has hit us hard! All Indians are going through the same phase of life these days, with no or less money. In today’s blog post, I thought to write about the same from travel angle. Delhiites have immense love for traveling, let me tell you that Delhi being a metro city has many cities in it. Delhi is a city where medieval and modern blend seamlessly together. Dotted with monuments and mega tall buildings there are many places to discover here. So, today I am going to tell you about few places where you can roam for (almost) free.


  • Lodhi Gardenlodhi garden delhi
  • Garden of five sensesgarden of five senses
  • Green Gardengreen garden/ dalit park
  • Talkatora Gardentalkatora garden
  • Shanti VanaShanti Vana


  • Qutab MinarQutab Minar
  • Humayun TombHumayun tomb
  • Bare Khan Tombbare khan tomb
  • Tughlaqabad Forttughlaqabad fort
  • Safdarjung Tombsafdarjung tombsafdarjung tomb
  • Jantar Mantarpictures
  • India Gateindia gate
  • Purana QuilaOld fort/ Purana

Zoo & Museum

  • Railway Museumrail museumrailway museum chanakyapuri
  • National Museumnational museum
  • Science Museumnational_science_centre_delhi_19920109-230
  • Dolls Museumdolls museum.jpg


  • Dilli Haatdilli haat
  • Hauz Khas VillageHauz Khas Village/ complex
  • Connaught Placeconnaught place

So, now you know you have a lot of places to hang around in Delhi. From malls to markets, gardens to galleries, you will never have enough here. If you have a passion for traveling and Delhi is on your bucket list, feel free to ask for advice.

“Money can’t buy you all the happiness but travel and a true partner can- MissTalkaholic”

I hope you’ve found this post helpful. Got questions, or have any tip for our readers, you can comment below.

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  1. behen u r an inspiration ☺☺😁Loved the post though I don’t live in delhi but it comes in way while traveling from pune to home .. will surely keep ur post in mind roaming around this time

  2. How marvelous to travel before you have responsibilities of work, perhaps your own business, or a husband, or a child. I wish I had done as you are doing and traveled more while I could!

  3. Interesting post. I have read so much about demonisation in India and i am hoping that you are all coping well out there..my thought and prayers for a good life are with you..

          1. Me-YEOW! is book 4 of Xander de Hunter’s Sea Purrtector Files. The Red Claw (book 1) began in Jamaica, but the plot then went to Haiti and The Dominican Republic. I’m not positive where #5 will take place, but the story might pick up at Diego Garcia Island, which is still in your part of the world.

  4. I won’t agree with Delhi Haat. Last time I went I ended up spending good chunk of my money. They do sell amazing things there. And I become a shopaholic sometimes. Haha.

    1. Haha, you need to keep your hands tight.. No shopping during demonetisation. I added that because that’s a nice place to spend a day. All you need to do is buy a ticket. That’s it.

  5. Oops, I think I responded to wrong post here… I believe she made it to Delhi. I also know she’s been there during all the horribleness with the currency which she has relayed back in a personal way.

    1. Haha, poor she then. I can imagine when we are facing problems due to demonitisation, how worst it would have affected the traveler’s. I wrote the same post after demonitisation only.

  6. I have a friend that has been in India the last month and a half to study with a yogi and take a soul journey. Her pictures from all over have been so inspirational. I do find so much beauty in this country! xx

      1. Thanks, I will be careful in the future while interacting with others. Hope you enjoyed chatting with me. If not, I guess its my fault. Goodbye for now and I am following you as I like reading your post.

    1. No, I don’t get angry on stupid things. Take a piece of advice from me now.. stay at your home always otherwise any dog or cat could bite you and you might end up at any hospital. Aham, you can also do one thing, freeze yourself, in that way you will never get old and your fear of wrinkles won’t annoy you.

          1. I have just started blogging and my friend told me to interact with other bloggers that’s the reason I am writing to you and I was not justifying myself. Never judge people unless you have met them.

  7. Everyone in the country is talking about Demonetisation which is something new apart from Indo-Pak relations and your post is nice but you should also talk about other places which are in crisis rather than the capital. Its a fine post and a hot topic for discussion. Good luck for your next post.

  8. This is informative and helpful. You’re country is blessed with rich heritage, culture and mesmerizing structures. Your photos makes the places look very inviting 👍👌
    Great post!

  9. a wonderful post indeed, Falak! The gardens and the historical buildings make Delhi a must visit, Pictures with you in the foreground make it twice beautiful 🙂

  10. That’s wonderful. …I am packed with travelling from home to college , college 6 hours and again college to home …you know about the bhid and dhakka Buckki in a public transport bus of metro cities ..exhausted and tired I return home in the evening twilight hours …a fresh with warm water followed by dinner and studies up to late night upto 1 am. Then sleep upto 730 am…the cycle continues and has a break only on Sunday …I feel tired and don’t have any mood to go outside on Sundays. ..but by force I am sent out to vegetable market and groceries. …I feel like taking a break.

    1. Oh you keep yourself occupied too much.. I have been through the same phase but however tired I am, I never skip the opportunity to travel. I love traveling and I love taking small breaks even from my tight schedule. Let me tell you one incident- I was doing a job and we used to have 1hour lunch break over there. One day I was in mood, I called a friend and went 5km away from the office to have have lunch outside and came back within the time. It was challenging and full of fun.

      1. There isn’t any other alternative too …however I don’t miss any opportunity on the last day of exams …after the exams it’s fun and enjoyment time ….along with my batch mates we go for a movie together followed by a mall visit and small purchases and then finally settling for a meals in a good restaurant.

  11. A truly wonderful post and one I enjoyed very much. This really is the definitive guide to the beautiful places that one can visit in Delhi.
    Book marking this for my next visit!

  12. Wow!!! So much to see. Amazing. I love the: Garden of five senses. You live on a beautiful country. I’ve always wanted to go to Delhi,
    the flights from here are a bit expensive. You look so happy on your pics, I’m glad for you.

      1. I look forward to reading it. I hope it includes some of those beautiful places you been sharing with us. Man, you are so blessed living in such a nice and rich in history place. Have you travel to Egypt or Greece? -God willing next year I will go to one of those country’s.

          1. If you ever come to USA. Let me know. This country does not have such a beautiful rich historical and cultural landmarks like your country but we do have beautiful places to see as well. I live in TX. I’m also preparing a Blog about the parts of Mexico where I grew up. I’m sure you will like reading about it.

  13. Interesting and informative post this is. I love the pictures! I am also curious that how did you manage to take such lovely pictures with almost no public around. I assume such places are mostly crowded with visitors in general.

      1. I must appreciate your deep efforts to have just perfect pictures there! Haha.. I’m amazed how you actually managed to have a clear background! It must have been a maddening job. 😀

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