Wedding Season Look #1

misstalkaholic wedding look

It’s that time of year again, wedding season! Whether you are a guest or the bride of your marriage, glorify your fashion uniquely this season. Of course, wedding season is joyful and colorful, but surviving this season is an achievement too. Do you know few women spend endless hours on Instagram and Pinterest searching their wedding looks? They devour every bridal magazine they can get their hands on, watch recaps of runway shows from bridal fashion week. Like seriously!

To stand out amid the sea of fashionistas, you have to wear something offbeat, airy and as experimental as it can get. If you are a person who is anxious about your dress looking wrinkled, you might want to select a fabric like lace or if you love to dance and wants to enjoy the day, be sure to keep the weight of the dress in mind.

Innovative capes, bold and unconventional color, pretty print, statement neckline, elegant embroidery, and appealing hues are a must-have this wedding season. Give yourself this season a chance to stand out from the squad. Check out my 1st look for a wedding function-

What do you think of this look? Does it catch your eye, let me know in the comments below.

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      1. You’re most welcome! I recommended your blog page to my colleagues here, and Indians for your country, I told them that you have a beautiful blog page and an interesting articles, all-in-one page!

  1. in the first picture it is like you are becoming one with the bed melting into an ocean of pinkish orange. I love the way you have color coordinated your nail polish lipstick blush and dress. the one where you are sitting on the floor makes you look like a beautiful flower. you look stunning with sparkly jewel adorned dresses but I personally prefer the elegance of your more simple designs where you don’t need any extras no jewellery sequins or patterns just pure beauty. I do like how the jewelled dress has the illusion of nakedness or an illusion that creates the effect of revealing your shoulders while actually keeping them covered. that is quite a clever trick. I cant imagine you would want to wear an entire skin colored dress like that 🙂 mystery beats putting it all out there every time. that is part of your haunting appeal that lingers in the memory banks. I think this color might be described as fuschia. which of the dresses did you feel most excited to wear and comfortable to carry around on your body? keep shining like a bright star lighting up the night. your future is full of promise and hope. cant wait til the bells start ringing for you 🙂 if I could make the birds sing you a special tune and spell out congratulations with the flowers or clouds I would. 😉 <3 family forever 🙂 keep trusting God. our lives are in His hands.

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