Unfelt Feelings #3


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  1. True Love. I think we all have experience it but not all of us have received it the way we have been giving it.
    [Nice postings I shall keep reading, thank you for sharing].

  2. the play button winks almost in the corner on the old cassette portable.. I hear the secrets that you keep, when you’re talking in your sleep…” it plays as the laughter on the television in the room errupts to something unheard. it takes key info to turn a locked -gated heart

    1. Don’t be sad dear. I don’t know if you are doing in right way or not whatever I suggested. I am using the free version of WP site. You gotta be more active and adopt the rigHt approach.

  3. Your blog is gorgeous. It’s epically bright and inviting! Awesome work!

    I found you on Community pool, it is such a great way to discover what other bloggers are going creatively with their work. I was wondering if it was possible for you to read one of my blogs at https://thebluntstudent.wordpress.com. I’ve just started out and would love to get some feedback on my writing.

  4. I’ve got a problem. Im addicted to he talkaholic. This one problem I’m happy to have. Would really like your input on a few of my short stories. Check out the empty voter. Ms scarlet and the ever so famous, blue jasmine. Its all in my blog at Gastradamus

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