Unfelt Feelings #1

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

I was thinking to start a new Series related to Love from past many days. I am working in & out on this series which is gonna be in conversation form. We all have been in relation’s once, twice or many times. What stays same (apart from our better-half) is Our Not-So-Called-Arguments, Feelings (unsaid), Unspoken Words. So, one day while experiencing the same, an idea just clicked my mind to quote it.

Here, I am presenting my First Quote from the “Unfelt Feelings” series.

Stay Tuned for something awesome…

SHE: My guy knows my Tantrums but i don't think he likes it.

HE: Whenever she wants to go out with me, She says I am going alone & I love it.

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  1. Hello, Miss Talkaholic…I think that your idea of creating a series in dialogue about your love from the past is an excellent idea. I am sharing this with you, because I am actually new to the blogging platform, but the dialogue concept is a part of my blogging objective along with many other things. So, once I began to check out your posts I saw that you have began to incorporate it within your blog, and I think that it’s a brilliant idea and a great way to express yourself & reach others. You are inspirational, and thanks for allowing me the opportunity to visit your page and get additional insight.

  2. Hey, I AM LOVE, so let’s get the conversation started and keep it going. I just launched my blog yesterday and I am looking forward to learning and growing with you in this journey. And THANK YOU for liking my very first post. MUCH APPRECIATED!

  3. Wonderful series.unfelt feelings ,I have sufferd in dis situation.as a one song- jo n.a. tune Kagan go me sunta raha ,khamkhwah khawab Burma raha……

  4. “Love”…..I love it.

    Love is an emotion so like an old man’s blood pressure keeps fluctuating.
    If it does not fluctuate then it is not an emotion therefore can not be Love !!

    Hence Love is unable to be permanent.

    How to differentiate among : crushes, infatuations, likes, friendships, lust, live-ins, fondness…..LOVE ?

    I want to go on and on…. but can not. In case you want more here it is :


    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment.. Never thought Love can be compared with an old man’s BP.. thank you for giving me amazing idea… Yes, love shouldn’t be differentiated.. I am looking forward to read your story.. ☺ Thank you once again

  5. well considering I’m living by the forever alone motto all my life so far i might not be able to relate with this series at all… that said I’m looking forward to it , best of luck

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