Travel Quote #2


“I wanna be like Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman, Superman because I don’t wanna pay for Travelling”

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  1. I also write from my mood, circumstances and the signs I receive. It may not fit in for other humans mind but hey who said I was normal. I like your travel quote. Love and Light!

  2. I also struggle with writing prompts and challenges. Inspiration simply does not work that way with me. Inspiration strikes when it chooses and then words flow.

  3. That’s what you meant when you’d accept with a twist, this is such a cool and original idea! Well I have to agree that I can’t write prompts despite it working beautifully for other fellow bloggers… And who would miss the opportunity to travel for free?😃

  4. Oh my, is this a talking wordpress OGGoodness, I am still working on fixing mine.

    Not for lack of their support it is excellent I have issue with following instructions. My bad.

    Congradulations, what a wonderful piece of something this is. Maybe your next post you could expound on this and what you can do.
    Thank you for your kindness

    1. Hey buddy.. Welcome on WP.. Are you taking tutorials or something like that? Well you really don’t need to.. I never saw it even one day.. Try posting good and make connections.. And Thank you for your comment.. Feel free to look at my blog and leave your lovely replies.. Keep in touch

      1. You are a pal, I have to sit and listen and read. What happens is I assist everyone I can, and I get on one issue and then another one comes. I want to write about something with a little humor or, my youth.

        About a little of who I am. I seem so hard like an always looking for cracks……. I will find something. OK thank you for being their.
        You must explain your new vehicle to me how does it drive O:-)

  5. Travel cheap then! Ever hear of “WWOOFING?” It’s great. Stay with farmers and locals for free in exchange of a little work. You learn agriculture and culture! They feed you great food too. Thought I’d share, since I love to travel 😃

  6. Very Original Quote. And so Funny, why you like the Super Heroes……………So that you don’t spend on Travelling……………LOL !!
    I share the same feelings like you. If I get nominated and “forced” to write on something, it never comes out good. But when I write just when the Thought strikes me, its the Best.

  7. great quote!! love it… appeals to my sense of humour …I also am an award free, challenge free, nomination free blog!! And intend to stay that way

  8. ya..i can much relate to your blah blah as i also write according to my mood, circumstances and all.. i always wondered how people come up with such thrilling frictions…

        1. We are not considering anything here.. Ah now I see you go in too much depth aham.. Come on take it lightly.. Jokes and quotes are meant for what…? You must be aware of .. 😎

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