That Velvet Dress


Summer is coming but I am just not ready to let go of winter. Winter is my favorite time of the year because I can wear net, velvet, crepe, satin, sequins and as many tight clothes as I can without caring about sweating. In these limited days of spring, I am at my best to wear all the sweater dresses once again. Velvet continues to capture our hearts every year and I jump at the chance to wear them. This pink velvet dress is by Zaful and I have already posted a blog wearing it before. The dress is so beautiful and sexy that I couldn’t resist myself from showing you the other half of the photo shoot.

So, I wore it on the anniversary celebration of my blog’s first anniversary and surprisingly on new years eve as well. The dress is so chic that I was in harmony with myself. Sometimes you must dress to impress yourself. I hope you like the dress as much as I do. For this year, I am going to pack it and remind myself of the dress every day before fall.

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