Fourth Anniversary!

They say new year brings a new life. Today, we have completed our fourth year together but I am sorry honey, our new year won’t be different for us. I will be loving to you or be caring for you, in the same way like I was before. I am […]

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I see my love going away, I see our relation fading away, I see us settling in dark, I see prayers going unheard, I see my tears going waste, I see hope turning its face, I see I am losing everything and I see myself doing nothing.

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A Week Without You

I spent a week without you, You spent a week without me, We spent a week without us, Waiting to see who text whom first, Nights went dark and days go bust, For it is high time and our meeting is must, Time has stopped its flies, Making me realize […]

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A Secret Wish

misstalkaholic a secret wish

My life has been a roller-coaster ride, since ever. I don’t know how but I got to experience the utmost circumstances in my very young age. I am a settled woman today, not married, but looking for. I am a smart, gorgeous, independent & a happy woman. I have the love […]

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Midnight Feelings

I wanted to tell him one thing, For my love wants nothing, I tried to share a few things, But bad luck came in between, Till now I was being insane, And now I want to change my surname, Very romantically I started sharing, Realizing he’s deeply snoring…! Hey, I […]

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He & She

He is gun, She is fun, Both are totally different ones. He is caring, She is extra sharing, He meant north pole, She went south pole. He is in love, She is in love, He loves mountain, She loves the town. He goes Arctic, She goes Antarctica, He’s a honey […]

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misstalkaholic travel blogger

My guy just said me No… No, you can’t talk to another guy, No, you can’t WhatsApp always, No, you can’t chit-chat on FB, No, you can’t look sexy without me, No, you can’t go out alone, No, you just can’t be on your own. Tell a guy, I am […]

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A kiss

         It wasn’t just a Kiss of summer,          We closed our eyes and felt each other,          The smell of him makes me go crazier,          His gentle hand on my back pulls me closer,     […]

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Look zara hatt ke in Party!

party look

Whether it’s summer or winter, inflation or deflation, day or night, the party is always in our mind. With growing multi-cultural trend and modernization, we have adopted western culture and lifestyle remarkably. Cocktail party, masquerading party, theme party, pool party, Halloween are just an excuse for partying nowadays. Every party rocks […]

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My heart cries a million tears, Feeling of insecurity comes on spheres, Though he assured me he is loyal, Still, my heart keeps reminding me his betrayal, I want everything to be perfect like it was, But he told me I am not the same like I was. …! Open […]

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