Delhi Darshan #Safdarjung Tomb

Misstalkaholic safdarjung tomb

Safdarjung Tomb, also known as Safdarjung ka Maqbara, was built in 1754 by Nawab Shujaud Daula as a mausoleum of Safdarjung. Mirza Muqim Abul-Mansur Khan, who was the viceroy of Oudh under Muhammad Shah and later on prime minister under Ahmad Shah, was also known as Safdar-Jang. Safdarjung Tomb, the last garden […]

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Where To Roam In Delhi When You Have No Money


Demonetisationย has hit us hard! All Indians are going through the same phase of life these days, with no or less money. In today’s blog post, I thought to write about the same from travel angle. Delhiites have immense love for traveling, let me tell you that Delhiย being a metro city […]

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Let’s Be Formal!


I am not a Formal Person at all, that’s why I have less Formal dresses in my wardrobe and lesser Photographs in Formals. What I don’t like about Shirts is that you can’t pair them with Skirts or Shorts much. If you are a denim person, then Shirts are for […]

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