Midnight Feelings

I wanted to tell him one thing, For my love wants nothing, I tried to share a few things, But bad luck came in between, Till now I was being insane, And now I want to change my surname, Very romantically I started sharing, Realizing he’s deeply snoring…! Hey, I […]

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He & She

He is gun, She is fun, Both are totally different ones. He is caring, She is extra sharing, He meant north pole, She went south pole. He is in love, She is in love, He loves mountain, She loves the town. He goes Arctic, She goes Antarctica, He’s a honey […]

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misstalkaholic travel blogger

My guy just said me No… No, you can’t talk to another guy, No, you can’t WhatsApp always, No, you can’t chit-chat on FB, No, you can’t look sexy without me, No, you can’t go out alone, No, you just can’t be on your own. Tell a guy, I am […]

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