Delhi Darshan #War Cemetery

The capital of India, Delhi is a classic mixture of the bygone and the modern places. Delhi city is a mystery which becomes more interesting the more you travel it. There are few graveyards and mortuaries across the city that has many tales buried in their cemeteries. Few graveyards seem […]

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Delhi Darshan #Garden Of Five Senses


They say it is not just a park. There’s no doubt in my mind, now! After all, it is something more going on here than public interactions and explorations. The Garden Of Five Senses is a park which was inaugurated as a leisure space to refresh and revive your energies. The […]

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Delhi Darshan #Lodi Garden

Lodhi Garden

Winters are perfect to enjoy the sun, so I love visiting parks during this time of the year. This time I planned my short trip to Lodi Garden, the old lady Willingdon park. Lodi Garden is a favorite hotspot for jogging, picnic for the Delhiites. This garden also includes tombs […]

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A Visit To National Zoological Park

Last Weekend I visited National Zoological Park of India (also known as Delhi Zoo). It is situated near the Old Fort in Delhi and is mostly crowded, especially in winters. The Zoo is spread under 176-acre and is home to about 1350 animals and birds (the data may differ). You […]

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