Slaying In Thigh High Boots

dlf emporio

There aren’t many girls that change the fashion game with their unique sense of style, confidence, and choice of clothes. If you are not the one who sets the trend, be the one who can kill to follow the trend. To be honored in the fashion world, look out for the trend and never say never to experiment with your look.

I was looking for boots which can change the game for me until I set my eyes on these khaki thigh high boots. These over the knee boots by Lulu & Sky look fierce, badass and ready to kill. You can wear them with elegant attire or street wear. I think my whole outfit was perfect but to look sassier, I wore a matching golden neck piece. I ordered my boots online and got the parcel in literally two days. Once I’ll tell you how comfortable these boots were, you’ll definitely want to get yourself a pair. If you like my look, comment below and let me know. Your comments make me truly happy and boost me with energy.



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