Silly reason why I got ditched?


It is a well-known fact that the heart was made to be broken. We all had failures in our relationship, sometimes predictable & sometimes not. But, what screws us up most in a breakup is the reason behind getting ditch! In today’s blog post I am going to tell you few funny real reasons why someone ditch & got ditched in their love life…

  • She said – You are not into a government job and I have a government employee in my destiny according to the horoscope.

  • He texted – I have to change my shop, and it’s far away from your home. So, just call it off.

  • I dumped him saying – You wear same clothes always. What do you mean by your mother brought you 3 pieces of the same t-shirt because she liked it?

  • He shouted – I want to get higher marks in my studies and you are a disturbance for me. So, no more phone calls from now.

  • She replied – You cannot come to rescue me because we live in different cities. I need a boyfriend who can be a security guard & a driver for me.

  • He said me – I feel uncomfortable with my friends in front of you. Hey, I have more friends than you. I think I am friend zoned.

  • I left him saying – You are too demanding, I can’t satisfy you always. You better get a vibrator for you.

  • We broke up because we were supporters of different political groups.

  • She dumped me because I added her friend she introduced me to on Facebook.

  • I got ditched once for using his toothbrush.

  • I dumped my ex because she was literally commenting all over my social accounts about how happy we are.

  • I got dumped by a girl because she started liking my senior & she said to me that I am not much experienced.

  • She believed that GOT is a po*n film.

  • She dumped me because I asked her to take makeup classes from her best friend.

  • I left her because of my anxiety of her falling out of love with me.

  • Someone broke up with me because I didn’t put the makeup on.

  • His real name was Jaanu & I couldn’t bear everyone calling him that.

These are the real words, few people have heard during their most unexpected break-ups. Have you ever spoken or got to hear such silly excuses? Do share your side of the story with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi!
    Hahaha. Nice post. I understand completely. I can relate to this post in some way. As funny as you made it sound, some people really do experience this.
    Love is so fickle. I always wonder if the man laying next to me is the one i’ll be with forever. The most recent guy that left me, is one I honestly thought would stick around.
    But again, love is fickle.. Just have to stay positive. Nobody wants to live life alone.

  2. She ditched me when she got a younger fellow, claiming I am too old for her and I wondered how much I have aged in 3months, cause that is when I started dating her!

  3. The reason doesn’t actually matter.
    All you need to know is it’s over. I think people make up reason because as the classic quote goes “most people can’t handle the truth”
    Yeah I cancelled are date because you started talking about the scabby smelly feet of yours and that made me sick probably wouldn’t go over to well.

  4. Rejection is almost always painful. We may begin to believe there is something wrong with us. All the while — as you say — the reason may be silly, and have very little to do with us. Laughing at a break-up is better than crying over it. Either way, the support of good friends and loved ones can be a big help.

    Wishing you love and happiness,
    A. <3

    1. Hey, thank-you for your love. I am glad to know you enjoyed the post… You can share any experience regarding the same. I will be more than happy to be in touch with you.

  5. Interesting. I have heard some of these in movies and with a few friends too. I got the ‘I am not able to focus on my studies’ excuse once and in a couple of months, he was dating someone else. Looking back, that was the best thing that happened to me 😀

  6. Oh, where do I start?

    1. Never got ditched. Never ditched anyone. Never been in a relationship. *Mic Drop* !

    *Silently sobs away into the shadows*.

  7. haha! That was lame reasons. My friend got ditched when he was engaged and the girl told him that till his Dad who was differently abled and suffering from heart disease is not cured, she will not marry. She also told that he is a bad omen since he set foot in their household, their Dad conditions worsened.

          1. Ha ha ha. Not as such. Just read the conversation and thought it might be yours. And then scrolled to the comment section 😜

  8. Never go back to an old love, its like reading a same book again when already know how it ends..your breakup can be measured in different stages. These stages of breakup help you understand your emotional intake and outtake of the different emotions that you will be feeling through the day of the breakup.

    1. Haha, I think you haven’t read the 1st and last para of my post. What on earth made you think that I can get ditched so many times and still showcasing my talent here… 😜

  9. I was left for such a silly reason that i dont know why love faded, i don’t even think if it was, She said. I asked her reason, i even apologize for doing nothing wrong & still she said please leave i dont know, when time fits again i ll be back.
    That’s were i broke badly for such a silly reason where i lost faith in love.

    1. Cheaters say that… Love doesn’t fade or change but our demands and priorities can… I am sorry you had to see this but I hope it made you more strong. And never stop believing in love just for one cheater.

      1. misstalkaholic, here’s a reason thought was good at the time and it was: I’m breaking up with you because you’re to good for me. On top of that, he didn’t tell me face to face but sent me a letter instead. I guess I’m better off.

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