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misstalkaholic scarf

My affair with my scarves is ever-lasting. Scarves can change your look seductively. Also, they can be your life saver in case if your head is not washed or your dress is looking somber.

Scarf is a fashion accessory that never loses its sheen with time. Do you know that scarves are recognized as a “new power symbol” for women? With the passage of time, scarves have witnessed different styles and patterns in all over the world. They are simply timeless and there are ample styles for you to wear them all year long.

Check out our ultimate guide on how to wrap the scarf on your own:


  1. Scarf Beads- they are simply beautiful!


2. Leopard Print Scarf- hold it like a gentleman!


3. Infinity Wrap- goes rolling along!

Blue Print scarf

4. Check Print Scarf- tie wrap!


5. Leopard Print Scarf- a feminine look!

leopard print scarf

6. Scarf Beads


7. Body Scarf

scarf style

8. Rectangle Scarf

blue scarf1

Thanks for reading! Keep checking back for our next style statement.

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  1. Despite my lack of fashion sense, scarves are my one weakness! I love them and collect them, although the collection is not huge or anything. They always look better on the store mannequins though lol. Thank you for your tips! Maybe now I can give those mannequins a run for their money lol 👏🏼😉❤️

      1. Hehe I definitely will! When I have a look to share, that is 😉. Right now it’s horrendous–button down plaid western shirt and either sweat pants or cargo pants. Not exactly Milan material LOLOL 😉💞. But I promise I will when I actually pull myself together, reclaim my fashion dignity, and dig out a righteous scarf 😉💜

  2. Interesting post, MT. I live in Pune. I’m recently widowed and have two grown children in the U.S.. My husband was an Indian citizen and I’m American. All the best in your future blogging. I’ve been writing and blogging since 1914. 🙂 — Suzanne

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