Roses are red & Violets are blue


Roses are red but I am blue! Yesterday, I wore blue clothes for delayed autumn. The weather has shifted and in the month of November, we are still dealing with late winters. During this time of the year, I love wearing the net. Autumn is the best time to wear net clothes for those who are sensitive to it.

fig top

The top that I wore is in classy blue color with lacy sleeves. Lace adds subtle elegance to your outfit. I decided to match it with a pair of ripped denim and casual shoes. As I love to wear subtle and simple outfits that make me feel confident.

I love to wear torn jeans and this one is cropped ankle style and perfect for fall. Autumn is about letting your hair down, minimal makeup, and nude lips.

Wearing: Fig Top/Madame Jeans

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  1. First of all sorry for not being able to read all your posts up to date. Secondly thank you so much for being a regular reader of my blogs. Now coming to this post of yours I must say you nailed it. I think from next time onwards I can consult you for point or two in fashion 😊. Btw before I forget wish you a very happy new year.

      1. Quite simple, really. One is for my personal style, one is for blogger features and Project Runway recaps, and one is drawings that I have done to learn how to design shoes. I find things are much less cluttered that way. 🙂

  2. You are the blue to msky. The spark to my lighter. The flock to my seagull. The wind beneath my beek. The obesity to my reaction. The young to my restless. The squall to my jeans, the mist between my ears

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