Road Trip to #Agra Fort

red fort

Have you ever done something crazy? I recently did something. When my guy & I decided to go 250 km far from the bike, we initially laughed on us. We packed very light since we did not have much space to carry on a motorcycle, also we didn’t want to compromise with our comfort. Let me tell you we went to the city of love, Agra in our recent expedition. This is our second time here, many to come. Agra is known as the City of Love because it homed the mystic Taj Mahal that lies on the banks of River Yamuna in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Here also lies, Agra Fort, which used to be the main residence of the emperors of the Mughal Dynasty until 1638.

This powerful fortress of red sandstone encompasses, within its 2.5-km-long enclosure walls, the imperial city of the Mughal rulers. It comprises many fairy-tale palaces, such as the Jahangir Palace and the Khas Mahal, built by Shah Jahan, audience halls, such as the Diwan-i-Khas, and two very beautiful mosques. Walking through courtyard after courtyard of this palatial red-sandstone and marble fortress, one’s amazement grows as the scale of what was built here begins to sink in.

The Fort stands on an ancient site and was traditionally known as Badalgarh. It was established by the Mughal emperor Akbar and, in its capacity as both a military base and a royal residence, served as the seat of government when the Mughal capital was in Agra. It took more than 4000 workers and eight years of hardship to complete the fort. Further additions were made, particularly by his grandson Shah Jahan, using his favorite building material – white marble. The fort was built primarily as a military structure, but Shah Jahan transformed it into a palace, and later it became his gilded prison for eight years after his son Aurangzeb seized power in 1658. In 1983, the Agra fort has been inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage site.

Today, the fort is a major tourist spot and attracts many tourists from all over the world. I wanted to wear a traditional dress to the fort just like Mughal queens used to wear. For this purpose, I opted a flared Anarkali dress from Biba with banarasi dupatta. I have to admit I felt so good in the dress that I didn’t feel the weather. It happens to me quite a lot. Now, you enjoy the pictures and let me know if you have ever done something crazy like me in the comment section below. Also, if you are thrilled to know if we would do something like this again, then it’s a No for Now.

Au revoir!

Happy Eid To You Everyone ❣️

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  1. I think one of the best memories comes from the craziest decisions,one needs to be a little crazy to experience life and its varieties,I have never been to Agra fort,but reading this post I felt like I have been to this place.You look gorgeous di.
    Hope you are doing well.Will look forward to reading more from you.

  2. Hi, Falak! How are you? I’m okay. I’m happy you had a nice trip and time exploring Agra. Alot of history there. Thanks for sharing your journey! I love the way you paired your accessories with the dress. The shawl is fascinating and I love its colors. It’s just so cheery! Happy holidays to you, dear! Be well, and happy!

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