Road Trip #Nainital

MissTalkaholic Roadtrip #Nainital

I adore the beauty of nature so much that if someone asks me to stay near it forever, I would happily do it. Hill Stations are one of my favorite hangout places. In India, you have a lot of Hill-Stations whose beauty is exquisite. From Delhi, where I live, northern Hill-stations are pretty accessible by road. I love to go on road trips in every 2-3 months. You have a lot of options for hills in India, like Nainital, Shimla, Kashmir, Ladakh, Darjeeling, Wilson Hills, Ooty, Lonavala, Almora, Mcleodganj, Gangtok, Shillong, Auli, Manali, Mussoorie, etcetera.

Recently, I went on a Road Trip to Nainital and had pretty nice time over there. Nainital is a popular hill station in the state of Uttarakhand. Located in the foothills of Kumaon region, the place is popular as honeymoon paradise. The place not only attracts the domestic visitors but you can see there a good number of foreign tourists as well. The place is a glittering jewel with beautiful lakes, temples, exotic sceneries and natural hot water springs. The top things to do here are trekking, yachting, horse riding, boating, and ropeway. The hill station is famous for Naini lake, Tiffin top, high altitude zoo, snow view, land’s end, mall road. After my tour, I can say surely that this hill station is a perfect weekend getaway.

This hill station is budget-friendly, so you can always have a nice time here. The place is overcrowded during the peak season so if you want to have an instant connectivity with nature, avoid visiting there in summer. If you cannot go there by road, you can visit via Air and Rail anytime.

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  1. how did you go shooting a gun? I enjoyed hearing about lonavala cos I have friends there . I didn’t know it was a hillstation. a woman who knows how to defend herself is a valuable asset. what was your favorite tea flavour in darj? I love that you are a dainty princess who shows her delicate fragile side sitting on her cushion on the mountain like a frog on a lily pad yet you are also not scared to handle a weapon <3 I LOVE THE many sides of you both the gentle and the pierce. all of them are beautiful. your eyes are the true jewel of india cos the way you write brings out the beauty in every place you tread <3

  2. Thanks for all your ‘like’s on my posts on
    And thanks for taking me on trips to such beautiful places. Earlier Urmi took me to Himalayan foothills and China similarly as I’m too old to travel physically. You both did what my own grand-daughters are unable to, being children still. Thanks again

  3. Misstalk… you gorgeous young thing, thanks for liking my comment on dineandrhyme! I love Bollywood by the way even though I can’t speak Hindi, the song and dance routines make it worth watching, our movies have gotten stale and boring… Awesome pics from your beautiful country!

    Peace be the Botendaddy

    1. I am surprised by your Bollywood taste. Well, you are correct, our pictures are fully dramatic, be it romance, action, suspense, or grief.. I am glad I got the chance to hear from you. Be in touch Botendad. .

  4. So pretty. I would love to visit India. The closest I ever got was living/teaching in China. (We have lovely friends from there and a new family member, as well. 🙂 AND, I agree…nature is my peaceful place. I feel ALIVE outdoors! Blessings to you and safe travels!

  5. Great post. I would love to take that trip; it looks and sounds like so much fun. Your pictures are beautiful. I especially like the one with the basket of flowers! BTW, red is a great color for you!

  6. MissTalkaholic, you look like you enjoy life. Good. Hey, if you ever venture to the states let me know: Always like to meet those face to face. Have many friends in India and surrounding areas via College and work relationships. From this Shepherd, to a business colleague and fellow blogger, “The outdoors are my passion too.”

  7. Nainital is ever beautiful and enriched in nature’s green pastures hills and streams lakes. Has visited a few times. your description is good.

    read my blogs leave a comment there and thus complete the circle

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