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Have you ever had an early morning craving for a tea and long drive? I had one today. The first offbeat thing of the year 2018 I did was waking up at 5’o clock and went for a long drive. I love doing such adventures and luckily I have the best partner in madness. All the Delhiites must be aware of this famous spot near the city known as Murthal. There are awesome dhabas and restaurants on the Chandigarh-Highway which are famous among the people from Delhi, Haryana, and Punjab. Amrik Sukhdev dhaba, Haveli, Gulshan dhaba, 70 Milestone dhaba are some of the famous eating places on this road. Amrik Sukhdev dhaba is famous among people for its paranthas with white butter. In spite of huge sitting capacity, you will find it hard to get a seat in the daytime. We left our home at 6 in the morning and reached the place by 7:30 am. The weather is pretty cold and windy so I managed to keep myself warm to avoid catching a cold. I must say, I had a great time today and I am going to cherish this day forever. We stopped on the way to click few pictures with nature as well. You must have a look and let me know if you liked them or not-

Have you ever had an unplanned road trip like me? If not, then I will suggest, take time and a reason to treat yourself. You only live once!

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  1. Murthal holds most cherished memories with friends & siblings during college days.I celebrated three new years at Gulshan Dhaba & it rained all three times.I can imagine how food tastes more palatable in chilling winters, i hope you had a great time there.

  2. I’ve hardly had an unplanned road trips. Time and responsibilities won’t just let me but I do hope to do that someday. Your pictures are beautiful. Happy new year dear and may happiness and joy never cease from your life. Keep smiling.

  3. Well.. Hello.. Miss Talkaholic also
    known as Facebook Friend Falak..
    it is true i shared these photos with my
    Wife Katrina and she exclaims you are such
    A Cute and Sporty Dresser in how you present
    yourself to the
    World Today
    and of course
    i agree and what
    i see more when i open
    up one of Falak’s Blog Posts
    as i always like them on my way
    of whizzing around the Online World
    yes.. what i see here is at least 14.5 Billion
    Years of Evolution according to Science where
    Human Woman is a Greatest Evolutionary Accomplishment
    of Nature and what i enjoy naming as God too beyond all names
    of course too and yes.. even beyond a little Human Word like Infinity
    too.. true.. i experience Namaste as you live as Art as A pART of God
    Ocean Whole whenever i see
    the Temple
    that is you
    as this
    in Flesh
    and Blood
    True as God
    Breathes and
    Sees and Hears
    as all of us as alive
    within.. so hehe.. My FriEnd
    my visit to see Falak today now
    is truly a religious experience to me.
    For sadly where i live the common religious
    ideology suggests that somehow Humans who
    are Namaste as God are somehow unworthy and
    born with original sin.. True that’s not the message i hear
    from their Teacher Jesus still for i read deeper than the Roman
    Empire Changes on the Essence of that never the less if and when
    or not the person sitting next to me at Church Holds My Hand During
    what ‘they’ name as the “Lord’s Prayer”.. no matter what.. i feel and sense
    Namaste as them..
    SMiLEs.. mY Friend..
    Lions and Lionesses
    do not cower in fear
    for the Pride that rests
    ToGeTHeR as PAws of Love
    And Fearless within.. sure with
    Claws and Teeth as every living being
    must make a living to eat in moving and
    connecting and creating free together in all
    the ways that comes.. and true.. i see a Human
    Lioness and a standing tall one who is brave enough
    to be Free with no original sin or unworthiness when And
    WHeRE Falak beComes A Work of Art she too Co-Creates
    For it is true my friEnd God is Aesthete and so is Falak as ARt..
    NoW iN oTHeR
    Words You
    Go Girl
    for surely
    i am one of
    you biggest overall
    Human Fans who appreciates
    the purity in namaste of all of what you are as art..
    I don’t have any living children but surely if i did.. i would
    raise them to never see any original sin or unworthiness to be..
    And wHo kNoWs
    one of them
    might be
    a dynamo
    of spark as
    flame and bonfire
    oF LiVinG LiKE Miss Talkaholic FalaK NoW..:)

    1. Thank you for sharing your incredible thoughts and love… I am pleased and honoured today with your sweet words. Yes, I do say namaste and Salam as well. India is a country of rich diversity and we live in unity in diversity. I will pray for you and your wife and I hope you guys come to my country one day.. Thank you once again for your lovely words.

  4. I’ve had many of those planned and unplanned or quickly put a road trip together. I’m so glad you found it so wonderful and so rewarding. I love the pictures of you. You look so beautiful. Great post. I enjoyed reading it.

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