After realizing, I will have him no more
After watching that I will be promised to another one
After listening to my wedding proposal
I realized that I love him and only him

Before, I never took him seriously
I angered at him severely
I laughed at him purposely
But today I need him really

Now, I realize his importance for me
I think of no one but him only
Today I realize the mistakes done by me
He loves me and I want to be loved by him only

I realize I did mistakes in my past
I realize I need to correct them fast
I see the gap between him and me
I want to make him love me only

Today, I realize I love no one but him
I promise myself that I will be his solemnly
For the love we once had
We will be living life’s journey happily.

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  1. Wishing you the happy journey of love

    But with strong bonds of trust , mutual understanding, flexibility and respect for each other

    You both will overcome even toughest obstacles that come into your way

    Excellent expression …loved every word of it

    1. Thank you very much for informing me about that glitch.. Otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed that myself tonight.. I am surprised how it came.. Anyways many thanks once again for informing me and for liking my poem too.. Happy blogging

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