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I get many queries from fellow bloggers who are confused and troubled just like I used to be a month ago. I answered them personally but realized there are many people with same questions, so I have come up with the idea to blog queries.


Hi Falak, As you already know, I am a regular visitor of your blog. I admire it quite a lot, which I’ve been letting you know about it by posting a number of nagging comments. And plus, you are very beautiful. Actually, I am stuck in the world of ‘hosting & WordPress’. And I need your help. Please come to my rescue. I noticed that you have your site monetized and I wish to do the same. Now, apparently, I am using WordPress blog on the free plan. Now, please tell me “WHAT TO DO TO MONETIZE MY SITE?”


I remember I asked a fellow blogger the same question & he replied me the same way, to him I am thankful till now. I had no idea about WordPress.org till I decided to upgrade my WordPress.com plan. So, I remember how annoyed I used to stay during those days. The more I google, the more I get confused. Below are few points, based on which I decided to opt self-hosting:

WordPress.com Pros

  • Free to set-up, you really don’t have to care about anything.
  • Happiness Engineers are always happy to help via emails.

WordPress.com Cons

  • Be ready to pay more which is not worth.
  • There’s no contact number, only emails.
  • There will be limitations on your site like you can’t have third-party advertisements.
  • You need to have a minimum number of page views per month, which you won’t know before upgrading your blog. I read somewhere on the Internet that the page views required for Ads are nearly 20k, obtaining which is difficult for new bloggers.
  • You can’t keep your full earning with you, you will have to share a part of it with WordPress.

WordPress.org Pros

  • It won’t cost you more.
  • You can monetize your site anyhow (this point is worth remembering over the cons).
  • Even if you don’t know technical things, you’ll learn it fast.
  • You’ll get the support quickly on support forums if you are asking the right way.

WordPress.org Cons

  • Few prices are hidden. You’ll have to buy the premium theme if you don’t like the free theme for your website.
  • Similarly, you’ll have to pay for the upgrade version of plugins.
  • You can migrate your followers, stats, comments but not the likes on posts.
  • I lost my featured images/thumbnails while importing my media.
  • There’s no comment tab for self-hosted sites on WordPress Application.
  • Importing data from wordpress.com blog can be troublesome if your data exceeds 2 Mb.
If you wish to monetize your site with less money invested, you must go with self-hosting & then link it with wordpress.org. Web-hosting company BlueHost provides you the best rates & service, all you need is to make them a call. Compare their plans & then take your last decision. For monetization purpose, you have many options like Adsense, Private Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Sell own products or Paid Blogging. I hope for all of you the best. You can ask me your queries in the comments below or send me a mail. If you like the post, do share it.

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  1. Thank you for answering my questions that I never even asked you! I posted a queerie on wordpress and got general answers with no specifics. You have been most helpful. I will be reading your blog to find more information and if you have any advice, I would love it. I saw (when reading the detailed rules) that I can’t chose my ads on wordpress so things can be posted that have NOTHING to do with what my topics or focus audience. That is frustrating to me. Especially knowing that we are told we have to purchase for a full year when we upgrade. I would love to know more about how to self-host and chose ads.

  2. This post is deinitely of great help to many of us thinking whether to upgrade or not. Read through your comments and found more info. Falak keep it flowing and thanks again for clarifying lot of things in the post.

  3. OMG, I just came across this and this is soooo helpful. I’m from Spain, I’m not looking for monetization right now, but I have always wanted to know which the real difference between WordPress.com and .org is. Thank you!

  4. I’ve noticed that many self-hosted sites are hard to follow and comment, since you need to leave an email. I like following other blogs thru Reader and that’s where most of my readers find me, so that’s why I’ve never even considered switching… plus in my country, you have to pay taxes for everything, so I’d need to set up a tradename company for my blog, etc….

    1. If you don’t want to monetize your blog or earn a name in blogging field then obviously you don’t need to take so many efforts. Legal work is so messy plux taxes… gosh.. Yea you can’t comment on self-hosted sites using the application but you can follow them. I know it’s a sad thing but what to do…

  5. I have Bluehost. I think the hardest part of going self hosted is gaining new followers and thus traffic. If you don’t have a lot of followers already it will be hard because what you post won’t show up in the WordPress.com Reader anymore for other bloggers which is quite important if you want to build up a crowd. You can actually link your self host site to wordpress.com (I’m using the WordPress.com app for my self host). This means you can read, comment, like and search in the Reader but your posts don’t show up in this reader because you don’t have an actual wordpress.com account anymore. Through this people can still follow you (if you’re actively commenting and liking posts in the reader) but you have to be busy in the Reader otherwise people will never see your site.

    Unless you know how to market your site through social media and such you can think of going to self host at an early stage.

    Trust me I learned it the hard way xD I myself am a non-tech-internet-person. I have absolutely no clue of what I’m doing. I did learn that it was a mistake for me to go to self host when I only had like 30 followers xD but then again I was inexperienced and had no clue whatsoever. Now through all these things I know that I did it wrong.

    With monetising your site, I only came as far as adding Google Adsense ad on my site and it does’t earn me anything, again I have no clue on how to monetise a site, I read and read but I just don’t know where or how to start.

    Great post btw 🙂 cheers

    1. Thank you for liking this post and sharing your views about the same… I know it’s hard for new bloggers to maintain a blog. Even I am facing a tough time these days… Blogging is a challenge where you have to be online most of the time. For monetization purpose you can go for affiliate marketing or have private ads on your site. I hope to inform more and more people about this. Even if someone goes with upgrade plan on WordPress.com, he won’t be able to earn quickly.

      1. I have indeed read and searched about Affiliate marketing but I still don’t understand where or how to start such a thing. I have never read about private ads though, maybe I’ll look into that sometime.

  6. I just tried to comment and my comment went away. So, sorry if this is a duplicate. This is good information. I have 3 blogs: 2 are wordpress.org and 1 is wordpress.com.

    It’s been my experience that you don’t get the reader-feed for followers to notice your blog and like it if your blog is a wordpress.org. If it’s wordpress.com you get the reader-feed for other bloggers to notice you. Good info! 🙂

    1. Readers can like on posts but can’t comment on it directly. One has to open the blog through browser for that. But that’s alright. We have to compromise somewhere, either on money or comments… You have 3blogs, that’s pretty cool

  7. WordPress.org can be monetized, but it’s not searchable in the reader feed the way WordPress.com has set up. So, you don’t get any likes or followers on the WordPress.org in the same way you would on WordPress.com.

    At least this is what I’ve noticed. I have 3 blogs 2 are wordpress.org and 1 is wordpress.com. Good info. 🙂

      1. Wow, that’s good that you’ve got the followers that transferred over. I started my parenting blog on WordPress.org and not on WordPress.com. Maybe if I would have started it on WordPress.com I would have gotten built up my followers and then transfer over to .org. Oh well….:)

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