I get many queries from fellow bloggers who are confused and troubled just like I used to be before self-hosting my site. I answered them personally but realized there are many people with the same questions, so I came up with the idea to blog their queries. Here’s the 4th post of the category.


Hi Falak, I have been following your blog for a long time now and am really impressed with the way you manage it.

I just wanted to ask you a few things. I don’t have many blogging acquaintances so I am asking you.

Up till now, I was doing blogging just as a hobby and so was not serious about it and hence did not work on getting traffic and increasing following on my blog.

But now I want to make an earning out of it. As of now, I have around 480 followings on WordPress and just 6 email subscriptions. I have started using Pinterest just last week and my pins don’t appear in the Pinterest search yet. Also, I have become active on Instagram recently. I don’t have more than 1500 views per month.

Do you think it is advisable to switch to wordpress.org at this stage or should I first work o increasing my blog traffic and then think about it.


Remember the first truth, every blogger starts from zero. Many of us do blogging for fun, sharing our write-ups or as an extra activity. But we start dreaming of monetizing our blog after a certain period of time. There’s no harm thinking like that. Above all, there are no set of limitations in this field. But know first, what matters most to you. Do you just want to jump on the bandwagon?

Setting a self-hosted site is easy but working on it isn’t. Let me get this straight, if you are buying the web hosting for only 1 year then your first year will be wasted in getting followers, subscribers & you won’t be able to earn much. You might be popular among few WordPress or BlogSpot bloggers but it isn’t enough. Showing off in any field is necessary too. I know a lot of bloggers who are good in writing but have merely 1000 followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I also know few bloggers who can’t write well even in their niche but they have thousands of followers on social media.

Don’t lose the hope. If you have a number of people who can sponsor your posts apart from Affiliations and Adsense, then it will help you grow your blog a lot. Yet, the last say has to be yours.

I hope you find the post helpful. If you got your answers, let me know. If you have your own questions in mind, you can post your queries in the comment section below or send me a mail via Contact Page. You can read similar queries here.

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  1. Hi you’ve written it so well,I am a new blogger with no followers as of now,I really thought I’d stop it but one like of yours and then this post is giving me hope,thank you

  2. I have just made the switch over to .org and I have to say it is the best thing. I love the freedom it gives me with layouts and widgets, as well as using analytics. It is a lot of hard work though. I probably spend more time on my blog than I do at my full time job. Because I just did the switch, I do not have more than 10 followers right now. How do I get the 140 followers from my .com site to my new one? I’ve already made the post informing everyone of the switch, as well as emailed all my followers individually from their site. Any information on receiving more followers would be much appreciated.

  3. That was extremely helpful. I was also laughing my head off hearing them complain about getting only 1500 views a month. Thats an excellent achievement. What are they complaining about. Hope i never fall into the trashy blogger category. You’re right its hard work and even those who become overnight sensations still have to work hard to maintain their position as top dog. Quantity of friends is no reflection on quality of performance. Im glad you have the wisdom to see that. You have the ability to grab attention without debasing yourself or disrespecting yourself by lowering your standards regarding how much of your body you wish to reveal for the world’s attention vs how much you want to remain a mystery revealed only to the eyes of your sweet heart and left for the rest of us to only imagine the tantalizing sensation of experiencing. Your open mindedness is probably your biggest asset although you know how to boldly assert yourself to prevent a fan from crossing the line into the kind of unwelcome territory that sends shivers of terror quivering up your noble spine

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