I get many queries from fellow bloggers who are confused and troubled just like I used to be before self-hosting my site. I answered them personally but realized there are many people with same questions, so I have come up with the idea to blog queries. Here’s the 3rd post in this category.



I really like your blog and layout. The presentation is very nice. I am wondering, did you only start in July 2016?

You have a lot of activity on your blog and I was looking for tips on generating traffic and followers.

I am considering a facelift for my blog.


I started my blog in mid-July 2016. Since then, I am trying to learn to swim in blogging pool. Today, I am going to share few tips from my experience:

  • 1st thing to keep in mind is that the more time you give to your blog, the more results you reap.
  • Follow fellow bloggers, read their posts and let them know that you read it.
  • Be interactive to let others stay with you.
  • Try not to post irregularly. Make a chart and plan so.
  • Be social. Let bloggers join you on social apps as well.
  • Find out what you write the best and what your readers like the most.
  • Consider serious blogging only if you are serious.
  • Keep writing, keep learning.
  • Choose a decent theme and widgets on your site.
  • Do not overload the site.
  • Do not be over-friendly with fellow bloggers if you are looking for serious blogging.
  • Keep your writing simple and be open to criticism.
  • Never get in competition or jealousy with any blogger.
  • Be helpful and thankful to those who helped you.
  • Ask your readers to put their views on your post.
  • Be real, do not copy paste.
  • Use beautiful and original pictures.
  • Look out for growth.
  • Participate in the community pool and daily post activities.

I hope you find the post helpful. If you liked the post, let me know.

If you have your own questions in mind, you can post your queries in the comment section below or send me a mail via Contact Page.

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  1. Wow! So very helpful! Thank you! I agree with all previous positive comments. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Please give me any feedback you have. I want to be a serious blogger. There is an overarching message I want to share but it’s been tough getting it out because there is a lot of personal stuff that goes along with it. My ultimate goal is to use my life journey (pain, passion, and purpose) to help others. The more I blog the closer I’m getting to making it happen. Thank you so much for sharing what makes you successful 😊.


    1. Hello Davina, I am sorry for replying late. I am thankful to you that you shared your purpose with me. I just had a look at your site and the 1st think I thought to remind you is that you can have it much more attractive by using plugins, photographs or may be pop-ups. Since you are using an upgraded wordpress site, you can easily manage your site. Think over changing the theme. It might help you a lot. I loved the pain, passion, purpose idea of your blog.
      2nd advice would be scheduling your posts in advance. In this way you can manage your personal and professional life both. If you have any particular question, you can contact me here http://misstalkaholic.com/contact/ or at my FB PAGE. Have a great day!

      1. Hello, Misstalkaholic.
        Thanks for the “like”!
        Just wanted to say that your replies, such as this, are awesome and I can only wish that more people in the world were as genuinely sincere and open to helping other people!
        Stay marvelous!!

  2. “Young you are…Learned well you have!” – Yoda, Star Wars. 😉

    Seriously – very good advice here! ( I especially like the no competition line)

    Never stop learning – or teaching! 🙂


  3. There are some excellent tips here. Expanding my presence on social media is getting close to the top of my to-do list.

    I especially like your Instagram widgets here. Was thinking about incorporating something similar when I get more Instagram savvy.


  4. Great tips! Thanks for sharing. It’s a list I need to reread periodically to make sure I’m staying on track with all the things you mentioned.

  5. Thank you for the information. There are many posts out there on blogging but this was a concise list of best practices. This is exactly what I was looking for to help me progress and grow as a blogger.

  6. Hi Falak,
    Now this is a very helpful post. Let’s see, how many of the above have I broke? Mmm too many. I started my blog site after I self published my first book. It should have been the opposite. It’s my personality, I DO get too familiar with fellow bloggers. In fact, it got me removed as a contributing author on a literary web site (that will go unnamed). My integrity got challenged and I lost standing with several bloggers that were following me and supporting my writing. An error in judgement on my part. I have pulled back on my posting until the dust settles, yet I haven’t stopped reading and commenting on other blogging sites. You are right, if you want a successful blog site, you have to have a strong following. It takes work and time. The more you put into it, the more the rewards. Thanks for the post. OH YES, thanks for coming by my site and following my writing.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience here. I am glad you didn’t stop trying after having troublesome experience on WordPress. This is the spirit of blogging and life. Cheers For You!

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