What comes to your mind when you think of Pink?

Pink resembles Love, Romance, Charm, Sweetness, Compassion & Femininity. Within few years of brutal incidents happening towards women all over the world, Pink became the new symbol of Feminism. In a country like India where women are considered a deity, her modesty is still in danger and questionable. Delhi, the capital of India is often referred as the rape capital of India. The city is in news once again, not for any other incident but for a movie this time- PINK.

Famous Bengali and Hindi Director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury comes out to the audience with a social thriller this time. Pink, starring Amitabh Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari, Andrea Tariang in the lead roles, addresses the issue of a Modern Women trapped in rigid social concepts. The story revolves around three working women who are based in Delhi and got themselves trapped in a wrong situation. Political Pressure, Law and order pressure, and their outrageous attitude landed them in serious trouble and then starts the Courtroom Drama.

Amitabh Bachchan as Lawyer Deepak Sehgal made a dent into universe once again with his acting. Hearing his appeals, commanding voice, and assertive character keeps the flame burning inside audience hearts. Taapsee Pannu questions the existing feudal mindset of our society and is excellent in her role. Pink is the best courtroom drama in Bollywood so far. Though the movie reminded me much of “Damini” directed by Rajkumar Santoshi. To find out the reason behind it, watch the movie yourself.

With all the hype going about Pink, we are sure for one thing- We need more preachy and women-centric films like Mother India, Damini, Lajja, Dor, Queen, Fashion, Mardaani, etcetera, etcetera & etcetera…

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  1. Pink here is connected with breast cancer awareness another issue that impacts women. I’m happy to see the color raise awareness on more levels around the world.
    It saddens me that women are at risk of rape any where, no is no and it should be that simple.

    Great post!

  2. Pink focuses on men’s thinking about the men and focuses on the core topic….if a man does something he is right and if women repeat the same thing she is called characterless which is pathetic and quite wrong….illogical thinking by men shown in general way towards women…

  3. I heard about the success of this movie but finally got the chance to know a little BIT about the story thanks to you. Can’t wait to watch it now! Oh, and I’m so glad someone besides me wants to see more serious, women centric-movies being produced from Bollywood as well! It’s a pleasure to meet you! 🙂

  4. Damini was one of the spectacular women centric movie I must say. Her fight for the right thing will be remembered for ages .
    And as I see in ur review on pink I’m sure there is some thing amazing which proves as crowd puller. Of course content has lot to convey to the audience.

  5. I watched Bollywood, I like them. One time I rent a DVD titled 3 Idiots and I was stunned how it delivered beautifully. It’s like a typical funny movie, where this guys sitting on a vinyl chair at the covered photo.
    It’s my day off and my wife and kids stayed inside our house and after all the choirs done, I signaled them to shut down the window and we huddled ourselves on the sofa. The movie is so funny and we laughed hard, and then as the story goes by where it shows the reality on what was happening on their lives, it pierced our heart and my 2 kids and my wife cried where I am on the farthest corner battling to gave up and let my tears roll down. I am a man and I need to show them an example of how to be tough. The next time I watched it I make sure they were out at the mall for hours and I cried like a child. Bollywood made movie that sometimes living me in awe on the corner.
    Anyway, our topic is about the women often a victim from every aspect of society even from the past. Women are blessings from God to mankind. Why don’t we just love them and show how precious they are….like a star shining in the heaven who sat beside us when we are melancholic and sad, as their tiny little light from the blackness of the universe shine….reaching us…cheers us…heal us…and let us smile…
    I think I am going to watch that movie.

  6. I liked the msg that the film gives out but personally i feel the making of the film per say was just average. They have under utilised Mr Bachhan… didnt understand till the end what was the significance of Sehgal’s wife, whay that character was a part of the movie… the court trial was quite loose… the court drama in Damani was just outstanding…

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