How To Pick One Perfect Conflict-Free Diamond Engagement Ring

Not such a long time ago, the exchange women’s gold wedding bands would be a serious concern. It’s an unfortunate fact that lots of the planet’s best gemstone producing regions aren’t situated in politically stable, well-administered nations. Since they’re so small yet carry such unparalleled combination, precious gemstones are relatively simple to smuggle across borders and trade unlawfully. Until relatively lately these beautiful things were sometimes accustomed to fund arms deals and support corrupt and undemocratic regimes.

It’s sad that a few of the jewels accustomed to fueling bloody and terrible conflicts within the most troubled places worldwide wound up in Europe, and undoubtedly a number of them made their distance to gemstone engagement rings which were bought and given with simply love in your mind. Something was needed.

We’re proud to condition with absolute confidence that does not one stone within our collection began existence like a conflict morganite engagement rings. They all have certificates of provenance and it is certified to have been found inside a particular place and traded through legal, ethical channels completely towards the United Kingdom.

New EU legislation means the finish from the exchange conflict diamonds. All gemstones entering the site must certainly be certified in the future from certain approved sites where trade may meet certain ethical standards. This really is wonderful news for that place that has endured in the dirty deals completed with conflict gems and great news for you personally too- now you can buy engagement ring and wedding band without having to worry about where people gorgeous diamonds originated from.

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