Friday, The 13th

friday the 13th

Today is Friday, the 13th- the most unlucky day of the year. The date reminded me of a movie called Friday, the 13th. Soon, I googled it and got to read few interesting points about this day. Do you know that Friday, the 13th is considered an unlucky day according to […]

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Fly High

I fly high to touch the sky, unaware of its height. He came in my heart during the day & left me alone in the night. Deep in my heart lives a hope, where there is no light. I fly high to see his sight, And to change my plight… […]

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Delhi Darshan #Safdarjung Tomb

Safdarjung Tomb, also known as Safdarjung ka Maqbara, was built in 1754 by Nawab Shujaud Daula as a mausoleum of Safdarjung. Mirza Muqim Abul-Mansur Khan, who was the viceroy of Oudh under Muhammad Shah and later on prime minister under Ahmad Shah, was also known as Safdar-Jang. Safdarjung Tomb, the last garden […]

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Be Fashionable, Be You

misstalkaholic accessories

For any woman, creating her style statement is a must-have attitude. Attitude, what do you think of it? Is it showing off your money, beauty, talent or is it something that we don’t recognize? Attitude comes from your inner personality. It shows what your branded makeup cannot show. Attitude is […]

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My BestFriend’s Life

This is my best friend’s life. She was the one, only one for me. We were born together, raised together. I did whatever she asked. She started influencing me so much that She became Me and I became her. One day, something went wrong. A lucky star was watching over […]

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2016 Buh-Bye

MIsstalkaholic New Year

2016 has been a very normal year for me. I achieved no milestones, did not reach my emotional peak, saw no injuries & did not lose anyone. In fact, it was the most “not-so-usual” year that I had this time. 2016 was a beautiful year for me because I learned […]

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At Times

There was a time I wanted to go away from you, Like baby robins leave their nest after growing half, We were birds of a feather and were true love, You loved me over head and ears and I left you alone, I drew back from our promise bag, At […]

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Christmas 2016


Christmas emerged over two millennium into a modern cultural & spiritual celebration. Christmas is a big celebration in India. Though we Indians do not celebrate it culturally but we love the vibes of this festive season. It is the time for family get-together & sharing meals. Christmas celebration gives us […]

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New Website, Old Journey!

To The Ladies & Gentleman, For the new year, I decided to give myself a gift. On the occasion of Christmas, I am delighted to present to you my new website Misstalkaholic The past few days were tiresome. From so long, I have been planning my website. I first thought about upgrading […]

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