On our way to the city of love!

We found our love on our way to the city of love. Yes, we found us back. It was a few months back when I had my exam out-of-town and we planned thoughtlessly for a night out together, for our relationship needed a change. We didn’t know that this journey was going to be different.

From east of our destination, we had to make our way to the west, to what other’s called “The City of Love.” We started our journey at the beginning of twilight and while traveling from rough road to our smooth ride on National Expressway, feeling of responsibility and tenderness inculcated in our mind. Stopping by at fewer places for photography clicked our hearts unknowingly. Moving on this long tiring journey, taking a nap on his shoulder, and his caressing hand on my head connect our souls together.

Our laugh on how I brought water from home but forgot to bring powdered drink unites our tone which went different long ago. Watching traffic lights flashing on our empty road through the darkness and few passing-by cars relieved us from our fear, we were sitting holding hands and our hearts were pounding like drums.

We stopped at a food court to have another memory with-a-tea and then we decided to come back there in our life for the same feel. We reached our destination at midnight and slept hugging each other like two inseparable entities. In morning, when I woke up I found him already awake, lying unmoved next to me, in fear of not disturbing my sleep. While I looked in his eyes, I found his love for me again.

Next, we rushed to wander around the city as I was too excited for my first visit to this symbol of love- Taj Mahal. I always wanted to visit here with my beloved and we purposely wore matching dress code. The magnificent, charming aura of Taj Mahal flushed our differences and we felt love all around us. Apparently, I started feeling filmy. It seemed to me that even Universe is conspiring to give us memorable moments, for the weather turned romantic and soothing.

At last, we captured innumerable memories in our camera and rushed back to our hotel by dusk because we had to come back the same day. Though we didn’t want to! This little time spent with my beloved gave me immense bliss and this journey of ours turned unforgettable. The city of love gave us our love back. Soon, we are preparing to backpack again, this time, love in mountains.

Stay tuned to read more love-related stories, poetries in this month of love.

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  1. SMiLes.. we have something in common.. my new friEnd..
    misstalkaholic.. while you just visited a wonder of the
    world named the ‘Taj Mahal’ with your loved
    one in Valentine’s Month travel as an act
    of Love.. there was once a man
    named Trump who named
    his Casino by that
    name ..as a wonder of the
    world too.. anyway.. hehe.. it’s really
    a loose association but what we have
    in common is the wife and i will have a
    somewhat Romantic Church Sponsored
    Bus tour to the ‘Scarlet Pearl’.. one of Trump’s
    newest Casino acquisitions in Biloxi Mississippi ..
    where the up side of that while my wife plays with
    the one armed bandits with only free play money.. hehe..
    as she and i generally thrive off doing stuff totally free and
    yes.. she also brings the powder for the bottled water to save
    on three dollar drinks and such as that… and sure that’s part of
    how i retired financially independent at age 47 too.. after years of a
    very humble job overall.. by Loving Life for all that is and can be free
    my friEnd.. and i hope you never have to slave for a boss other than yourself..
    and surely.. i wish the same freedom for and
    to everyone else.. too.. anyway.. another secret
    of my personal success is.. i never forget a friend..
    no matter how small the thank you or how quickly
    they are usually one of the few and first ones to like
    one of my half a novel size MacroVerses with around
    300 photos.. hehe.. in other words.. i appreciate the little
    things in life and i am not making fun of your height as the greatest
    liGht can come in the smallest of packages of even a big bang
    that creates what we are and see around us now.. i wish you
    a big bang continuing of co-creativity with liGht my friend
    and may you and all your loved ones find a
    more beating heARt as SpiRit oF SoUL
    iN and as liGht.. this Valentine’s month
    as my wish to you as card for
    just being
    liGht from
    the South Asian
    continent.. including
    India and Pakistan Lands
    wHeRe at leaSt noW iN my
    experience.. the nicest folks
    overall live in this world now..
    as surely i get around.. hehe..
    as people are my special interest
    and you do stand out my friend as you.. always
    be you.. as you do you.. very well.. i FeeL and Sense..
    oh yeah.. and i left it out.. would much rather visit your
    Taj Mahal than Trump’s ‘Scarlet Pearl’.. as i could care less
    about wasting my money on mathematical impossibilities but
    what i do love about Biloxi.. overall.. is the beaches.. while the wife
    plays with the one armed bandits with free play money as provided
    by Trump’s Children now that he is no longer technically in charge..
    i will dance the beaches one with beach spiraling as a Seagull around
    the Sun.. and if it’s raining.. which it will not be.. as it never rains inside my
    head.. or in my body.. give me three feet and i will be the beach as the beach is God.. my friEnd..
    when we dance
    and sing
    without restraint..
    as doubt..eTc..fear/hate..
    AValentines alWays now mY
    friEnd as a DancE and Song oF soUL..
    this is longer than the last one.. so i guess
    that makes you one of my newest writing muses..
    but i only go wHere i am welcome.. my friEnd.. so.. thanks.. to you2 for thAT2..;)

    1. You are welcome to visit India or Taj Mahal… This is the month of love. Surprise your wife with a bunch of roses or chocolates or wine, whatever she likes… Or may be go to another scarlet pearl… Enjoy.

  2. Hi, I’m from Italy and my love Hassan is from Morocco. I’m looking forward to visit that country but we need to plan all well ’cause I’m disable and “travel” everywhere on my electronic wheelchair. We have been together in some places in Italy and also just gone for a walk in the country here in the neighbors of Milan.
    I mean, every place is special if you and your man/woman are in touch. I experienced that when we stay away for a while, no matter what we do. We just are there into one another.
    Hope I could express my feeling properly.
    A warm hug!

  3. Omg thank you for posting this! I have always, always, always wanted to visit India! How cool!! I kinda feel like I’ve been there now, having read your post. What a neat journey! Thank you for including pics, too 😊❤️

  4. I covered an article on my blog on Agra few days back. Isn’t it a sweet city with lovely monuments including Taj? I’m glad it gave you such loving memories. Good luck with your relationship, may it get even more stronger.
    And I absolutely love your blog’s home page.. very appealing! 🙂

    1. Sorry for replying late.. found your comment in my spam folder.. Thank you for your lovely comment.. And yes visiting the city of love is a remarkable memory for me.. And undoubtedly it brought me and my better half closer than anything else could do.. touchwood

  5. I wish my financial situation would allow me to see such a marvel … a palace built to show the love a man can feel / live out for a woman. Unfortunatly … ( The great pyramids, and Great wall of china and Mount Everest … would also be on my “Bucket list!”.

  6. I just went there last month.. The drive from Delhi to Agra on Yamuna Expressway is absolutely fantastic… And believe me, I was in awe of the beauty of the Taj Mahal… Only after seeing it in front of my eyes, I realized why do they call it the seventh wonder of the world… I can not express its piousness and beauty in words!!

    1. Yes but i regretted only one thing during my journey that we shouldn’t come in summer. It was hell warm out there and we couldn’t spend much time in city. What i felt is that the best time to go on Yamuna Expressway is during night only. Though We felt little scary but that was okay. The best thing to live in Delhi is that you can go on long drive at this Expressway anytime. WO-HOO

    1. I wont call it perfect as we missed many things and moreover learned much for our next trip.. But yes it was perfect in the sense that we went out and came without fighting with each other.. Lol.

  7. Sair kar duniya ki ghafil, yeh zindagani phir kahan 
    zingagani gar rahi tou , naujawani phir kaha…..

    Lets explore this world while we can, Who knows how long we may live
    And even if we are alive, how long are we going to remain young …

    I know it gets lost in translation.

          1. Haha. .. I have my mum as my teacher. . My father is an expert of this language. . I have unlimited books at my home.. U think I would still need to import a teacher..

      1. Okay, If I were honest….
        Thing is, I’m not sure want you mean….
        “coping up from your bad times..”
        Don’t sweat it though, you should only give out the necessary info…I don’t want to pry. Keep it copacetic.
        Just to help; (limit your info)…Putting together the statement and the post, I assume that they align, IE, mistakes made, painful ones in the romantic relationship. I don’t get a diploma for this thought.
        Listen love (Jack Frost), we do that, test it, because there is something deep within us that wants to educate us, bad.
        Forgiveness is beautiful, but maturity through comprehension needs to hold hands with that forgiveness.
        Growth is possible. But the romantic relationship needs to be put into perspective, and it can be.
        I’ve written a lot of posts about it. Surprisingly, this bum knows a lot about it. Whether you think it egocentric or not, today I will cover this subject, won’t mention your situation. If you give me permission, I will drop the url, right here…..waddaya say, huh?

        1. Sorry for late reply … I completely agree with what u said… and I look forward to learn from other experiences … and yup I have no problem.. u can even share ma situation to some limits… and yE’s do lemme know…

          1. There’s no problem or misunderstanding. I wish we all took time to respond to such things, God then would help us in making decisions. He is always at hand. But I will have to go back and reread what I said, sorry but need to for I don’t want to misapprehend any communication, and at the end of this reply I’m almost sure that I’m a bit lost. Not to worry, I stand by whatever I said, I take very seriously my communications. Sincerely; MAO
            Will get back to you….

          2. Okay, dear, I have read it and know what what page we are on. So here is the response (shoulda been), as you have already read the Citadel (wordpress notified me) read when you have a chance part two. This is the series your post inspired. It is very brutal in its honesty, but I hope that you can prosper from it with your situation, as I honestly well intended understood it. Bear in mind that so much is covered in the series that a lot will not apply to you but will likely, if all goes well, open up the perspective on the romantic union. Take pride, if you enjoy the series, that your post inspired it. Perhaps it will go on to four more chapters (can’t predict), and hopefully entertaining, and inspiring.
            Take heart for I intend to inject some positive thoughts on how to recover a relationship after some turmoil. Sincerely yours; MAO

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