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My guy just said me No…

No, you can’t talk to another guy,

No, you can’t WhatsApp always,

No, you can’t chit-chat on FB,

No, you can’t look sexy without me,

No, you can’t go out alone,

No, you just can’t be on your own.

Tell a guy, I am a girl who’s not under his dominion.

It’s pure Fiction. Please don’t take it otherwise.

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  1. It depends on how much you want to protect a relationship. In marriage, it definitely is a bunch of ‘NOs.” The husband and wife must be more important to each other than to anything else, potentially, that could make them no longer. “Mr. and Mrs.”

  2. ahahahaha the dance of souls together. is it a mismatch fraying or interwoven, knotted forever? all at once two desire clash, in a dance to joy’s ends. someone must bend or there’s but broken to defend. I know one likes hot mr actor sexy prize. what have i lost but raw desire seen in her eyes? I wish to know i matter as first above all, yet without some trust what have i given to earn such all? it’s only a dance of give and take -some say it’s the magic of the lives together we make. at first its a dream then somefrightful mare, what is it but an enlightened meaning more how ideals were sacrificed to always remain right there? it’s a gift our time spent a shared delight together building seperate lives spent.

  3. Hello.. misstalkaholic..
    SMiLes.. Love
    Love Frees..
    Truly Strong Women
    and Men never own each
    other and the best Gift they Give
    is to allow each otHeR’s WiNgs to GroW Stronger..
    weaker.. now..
    This owning thing
    comes from Patriarchy..
    iN StoRinG gRain from the Field..
    Yes.. Starting about the beginning
    of Agriculture.. 10 to 12 thousand
    years ago.. a trip away from a forAge
    of liFe togetHeR wHere the Child is the
    prize of the Village
    and Love
    is the
    purpose in give and
    share and never owning..
    wHeRe Greed and Jealousy
    and aggression and violence and
    sure what leads to the potential for World
    War III lives now.. replaCinG relativELy smAll villAges for a forAge
    of liFe toGeTheR wHeRe all iS oNe as Nature and God
    Can And WiLL Be
    found in
    and everything
    And beyond material reductionism
    that is the same as owning each otHeR
    as objects over free.. as we become the tools
    we make and we make each otheR a tool instead of Free..
    IT’s true my friEnd.. sAdly..
    the words you bRing HeAR
    are not uncommon aT all.. iN
    fAcT they are basically
    common cultural
    and religious
    in act
    sTiLL now
    for about
    half or more of
    the population that exists..
    even when the laws of both
    religion and culture do not demand
    it at the price of legal punishment.. ranging
    death in law
    at extreme to
    abuse at home
    wHeRe Laws of Culture And
    Religion do not do the same..
    P e o p l e who walk in liGht..
    True Humanists understand
    this is DArK.. And most
    any owner who becoMes
    the tools and makes otHeRS
    tools are slave owners.. noW2..
    And yes.. Slave too.. Love conquers
    aLL NoW when Love as Win togeTheR..
    Most Any thing else NoW sTiLL is slave owner
    And slave with ownership papers of/as priSon Tools2.:)

  4. When he says he can’t be sexy without her it could be an unintended compliment. Perhaps he finds himself unable to feel sexy when he is alone. I’m glad it’s not a real life story for the author. Sad to say too many people are in relationships where their partner controls their every move fearing the consequences of permitting them independent thought. Counselling or prayer may prove a solution quickly followed by fleeing to a place of safety if necessary. There’s a difference between having input in your partners life and treating them like your pawn or puppet. Sandwiching harsh words with sweet sauce helps to soften the blow. Use only when needed for prolonging and preserving a relationship. The best lovers serve others needs more commonly than their own

      1. thanks for your sweet as sugar response. I praise the Lord that you got out of that nasty relationship that was causing you so much grief. many women do not have the same bravery as you. may your voice give them the strength within and find the courage they need to break free from their chains as you have. now you breathe relieved , in freedom <3

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