New Website, Old Journey!

To The Ladies & Gentleman,

For the new year, I decided to give myself a gift. On the occasion of Christmas, I am delighted to present to you my new website Misstalkaholic

The past few days were tiresome. From so long, I have been planning my website. I first thought about upgrading my blog “TalkaholicMe” from itself. I researched a lot that I had gone almost crazy & deleted my media accidentally from the laptop. I am grateful to the Data Recovery option that technology has provided us. So, after researching like an insane I decide that I will shift to a self-hosted site. Making your own website can cost you dearly if you are not well off. So, I decided to go with Now, I am going to share with you, why I opted ORG over COM. Pros

  • Free to set-up, you really don’t have to care about anything.
  • Happiness Engineers are always happy to help via emails. Cons

  • Be ready to pay more which is not worth.
  • There’s no contact number.
  • There will be limitations on your site like you can’t have third-party advertisements.
  • You need to have a minimum number of page views per month, which you won’t know before upgrading your blog. I read somewhere on the Internet that the page views required for Ads are nearly 20k, obtaining which is difficult for new bloggers.
  • You can’t keep your full earning with you, you will have to share a part of it with WordPress. Pros

  • It won’t cost you more.
  • You can monetize your site anyhow (this point is worth remembering over the cons).
  • Even if you don’t know technical things, you’ll learn it fastly.
  • You’ll get the support quickly on support forums if you are asking the right way. Cons

  • Few prices are hidden. You’ll have to buy the premium theme if you don’t like the free theme for your website. Also, you’ll have to upgrade them sooner or later.
  • Similarly, you will have to pay for the upgrade version of plugins.
  • We can migrate our followers, stats, comments but not the likes.
  • I lost my featured images/thumbnails while importing my media.
  • There’s no comment tab for self-hosted sites on WordPress Application, that means if you wish to send me your words you will have to open my link on your browser. I hope you’ll do it sometimes.
  • Importing data from blog can be troublesome if your data exceeds 2 Mb.

Whichever way you go, you are gonna need patience and help. It took me a week to fix my new website. After compromising with few hours of sleep, stressful days, I am happy at last with the decision I took.

I hope you’ll be with me. Don’t forget to subscribe my blog MissTalkaholic!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the pros and cons,
    I definitely will keep this in mind, I do want to self host and I know it can be more maintenance but I feel like it would be worth it. I figured I would do .com first because it would be a gradual upgrade but maybe I will do .org instead .. I don’t know yet, but I will need to give this a lot of thought. Thank you.


  2. Bonjour ou bonsoir
    Par des mots simples

    Je viens déposer sur ton blog

    Quelques mots de bonheur et te donner de le joie en cette fin de semaine
    Vois-tu je t’ emmène sur des chemins

    Je les ai tracé pour toi principalement

    Sur ces chemins j’ai découvert
    Une pétale de rose pour effacer ta peine
    Un sourire d’enfant contre une larme
    Des mots que je dis à ceux que j’apprécie
    Dont tu fais réellement

    je te souhaite un bonne journée ou soirée

    gros bisous


    Je tire ma révérence LOL tu me troubles que j’en perds mon équilibre

        1. No, I am using and promoting my self-hosted site
          I haven’t deleted my old blog yet but I will do that in future.. Hey, have you had a look at my website from your browser? If not then please do visit…

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