Narrowness Of Opinions

religious discrimination

Sometimes life kicks us when we are least expecting it. Things happen unknowingly, coincidentally & naturally. But, what when you get the hardest kick by someone who’s planning it thoroughly?

Today, I want to share my recent experience with all of you. This is not something very special or rare, but it happened to me suddenly. Unaware of other’s mentality, I was giving my best & loyalty to people who never deserved me. I was always near & dear to the people around me. So, I never knew that one day a bad fish could enter my territory. On days, I was being just me, others showed their true self to me. Almost after a year, I saw the other side of the coin & their real mentality.

It came to me as thunder & I couldn’t stand it. The words just pierced my ears & I heard the words “I HATE MUSLIMS & I WILL GET YOU KILLED” from the one who was calling me as her sister & daughter from last one year at the workplace. I wonder what changed them & realized that my services are no more required. They may be one of the best crime reporters of their era or an administration head, for me, they are nothing but a blockhead.

I still believe, love and humanity coexist. The people who defended were not similar to me, in terms of faith or belief. But, their concern made me believe I am not alone and could never be. People who always blame people with other beliefs are not human to me & can never be…

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  1. My dear Falak, your post today breaks my heart. I am sorry you’ve been on the receiving end of such ignorant and mean-spirited speech. Such words hurt even more deeply when they’re spoken by a person you once trusted and thought you knew. Hate speech has no place in our world, yet it is becoming more rampant. When hate speech is normalized by political leaders (as is the case in my country), it emboldens other narrow-minded people to do it, too. I do believe that love and goodwill will prevail. Hold your head up high and carry on.

  2. It’s good of you to believe in humanity and sad that such prejudices are destroying us a human beings. Love and hugs!

  3. I love how you used the phrase double face
    it is sad when people show you one face that is happy and then later on you find out that happy face was just a mask hiding a hateful heart
    I love your picture about what it means to be indian so im going to copy it to share your message outside the context of your personal experience
    well I tried to do that but wordpress wouldn’t let me steal your picture cos it was copyright protected lol
    this is a huge problem for all the world at the moment but to put it in an indian context the current government of india needs to get its act together
    they need to promote an agenda of love between religions and quit promoting hate
    a nation will imitate its leaders
    to call her a fish is an insult to fish
    I hope she goes down in the flames she deserves to burn in
    unlike the widow who threw herself on the fire there will be no dignity in her death only rejoicing
    I am glad you have not permitted this traumatic experience to kill your true belief in the possibility for an existence where we do not allow our different ways of viewing the world to prevent us from seeing good in each other ❤

    1. Life is indeed cruel but we have to keep running, people try to stop others, it is not because others are wrong but because they themselves are not worthy. No matter, how much hatred is strong, love empowers all. As the father of our nation said, love is the answer to every question, this is how we got our freedom. Don’t worry about the image, I’ll send you personally.

  4. It’s unfortunate that you had to experience that. I grew up dealing with a lot of rejection and it is painful. I’m learning, like you, to see beyond others darkness and see that they are really the unfortunate ones. I’m glad you are able to get away from them and had people to support you!

    1. I feel really blessed to have good people around me… one can find hate, negativity anywhere but it needs an eye to find love, care, concern. We often mistaken people and get overwhelmed by their double faces but life is the best tutor that we all have got.

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