My Forever21 Look


Hello, Ladies! In today’s blog post, I am going to show you my new favorite Green Bell Sleeve Top by Forever21. The Forever top is made of summer cool Georgette and has a deep back neck. I like the Army green color of my new top very much & I think it’s a cool addition to my wardrobe. For the look, I paired the top with blue shorts by Forever21 again and I think the dress matched ideally.


Wearing- Forever21 Top/Forever21 Shorts/Stilettos Boots/Ray-Ban Sunglasses

You can create an awesome look by matching two pairs randomly. Here in my post, you can watch that bright color makes a great pair with another bright. All you need is to believe in yourself, carry the look confidently and with style.

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          1. Oh my goodness, I have been wanting to visit India for the longest time now. Hopefully within the next two years.
            Forever New is amazing. I love everything they have.

  1. Oh, if I were my young self again, I think the morning sun and cool day that you show brings playful times back into my memories of days gone bye. You look vibrant in your dress attire. Where are all your friends, you look lonely in pictures. Get your friends together and celebrate life. Maybe in future blog you can give a fashion show. Such fun for you. Enjoy. Maybe crazyloveparent said you just need to let her know, she will send Mr Owl to you. Let’s get acquainted, we can support each other’s work. Time to network, do we agree. I think in past you suggested getting social.

    1. Oh, I have a lot of friends but none is interested in blogging with me. Haha.. But I’ll give it a try if you say so. Oh, I would love to have Mr. Owl to my country but I am not sure what I am gonna do with him then. And yeah, I love getting social. You can be in touch with me on facebook if you are there or on other social platforms as well. 🙂

  2. Hi Falak. That was a great post you shared.Do you own a boutique in Delhi?And where do u live?The green top by Forever 21 is just great.Quite good taste teamed with the shorts and the stilettos.Keep on writing,it really is quite informative.

    1. Hey ambika, Thank you for yoUr lovely response. I live in the heart of Delhi, I guess you live here too. And I do not own a boutique but I have designed few products for
      You can check out their collection. It’s a new women apparel brand and I have been associated with it. I hope to hear back from you.

      1. Sure,Falak will check the brand out.Ya,I too am a delhi vaasi. And you have a beautiful blog.Keep up the spirit of blogging and be bitten by its bite to come out very perfect,most right,truly bright.That you are,not to mention.Have a grt time ahead.

  3. I dig this! That’s one of the few stores I would shop at. You have awesome taste! 👏🏼👏🏼
    ~The Silent Wave/Laina 🌟🌟

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