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Hello Everyone, I hope your Valentine was as special as mine. People say there’s no day to show love, no day to celebrate love, blah blah… I don’t take them seriously. Such people always forbid us to celebrate any special day, saying there should be no dedicated day for anything. If so is the case, why do they celebrate the new year on 1st January or why do they celebrate their birthday on the day they were born. Well, let’s leave it. We all have different opinions and the best stay to maintain peace and harmony in society is to ignore if you can’t agree.

I won’t say many things about Valentine because I don’t know the history of this day and I really don’t care who started it, for me, it’s one day when no excuses work to keep you separated from your love. What is wrong in showing off your love to the one you love? We all need a little show off in our lives.

For my valentine look, I really searched hard and realized how difficult it was for me to find a red dress. I literally tried 30-40 red dresses for consecutive days and one day before the Valentine, I bought this long evening dress by Zara.

I hope you like my valentine look as much as I do. This Valentine, I went on a date with my partner in a five-star hotel and had the best moments of my life. My day was better than last year, what about you?



Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. hi falak
    this valentines I just celebrated the love of friendship
    valentines began as a way for a catholic monk to send messages of support to those who were helping him on the outside of his jail cell.
    he somehow organized to send them flowers.
    the original meaning is not intended for romantic love but the love of friendship.
    praise God your celebration was more joyful this year.
    I can see your hard work choosing the perfect dress definitely paid off.
    for some of us if there was no special day to celebrate love there may not be another shot for us to obtain affection.
    for me this is the day of my grandads birthday.
    as he is departed I remember his life on this day.
    also it is my friends birthdays who are twins and one of the twins proposed marriage to his wife on this day.
    his logic was if he chose this day he could never forget his anniversary cos what kind of idiot forgets their own birthday 🙂
    red is the color of love and death.
    in relationships we must experience the death of selfishness and the birth of selflessness and the constant give and take of compromise .
    we have to value our partners desires over our own.
    im happy that you have been able to hold onto your mans heart for half a decade

    1. Oh my god dear, you have so many things to celebrate and cherish… I know a few people too who celebrate their birthday on 14th. I hope and pray for you to get a life partner with whom you’ll get one more reason to celebrate on this day. Thank you for your lovely wishes and forever support. You will always hold a special place in my heart even though we have never met.

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