My Fashion Love Affair With Abrati

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I am having an affair! An Affair with my new favorite brand Abrati!

Though summer season is not my favorite, I love to dress up during this time the most. When do you look beautiful, sizzling, charming the most? My answer would be “during summer”. Yesterday, I was asked in a contest where do I spend my money? I replied instantly I invest in shopping. I guess most of the girls would agree with me.

I saw a dress on Pinterest one day and ordered it online. I liked the dress so much that I decided to try more clothes from the brand ABRATI. So, this time I ordered their Tatiana Top.

I decided to pair the Tatiana top with denim and high glittering heels. I absolutely loved the feeling of this top. The fabric of the cloth is crepe which I found very soft. As you can see in the photographs, black & beige made a perfect combination. So, I decided to create a similar combination myself in future. Well, we’ll see that in future. Today, you let me know what do you think about my look… 

*In collaboration with ABRATI

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  1. I always have a penchant for color-blocked type outfits; I find them so sophisticated. I love the full shot with the bougainvillea flowers, and the one with the colored pavers.

  2. The outfits you wear perfectly compliments your natural surroundings. You select colors which seem like a match made in heaven when combined together. Your boyfriend will never worry for your wandering heart your garment manufacturer however will cry a river when your affections drift to greener pastures of others sparkling merchandise. Why not cut out heart or star or clover shapes in your tee to display your belly button. ? You were given beauty by God. Success is yours for the taking. Stay humble and charmingly humorous

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