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tosave led mirror

Hey Guys!

I have always been fascinated by stories of the princess. As a child, I always wanted a mirror on my wall which could tell me my flaws and imperfections. Till now, I haven’t been able to get one but I got its substitute- a mirror on the table. This LED Light Makeup Mirror is worthy of staying on your dressing table. I ordered this 20 LED Lights Touch Screen Lighted Desktop Cosmetic Makeup Mirror by Tosave.com.

A lighted mirror can make your makeup easier because you will always have the perfect daylight at any time. The LED side lights are in white color which means it will show the correct colors which are vital for doing makeup. It is the perfect size to put on a table or vanity and can be carried easily. The lights are bright and can be adjusted with the touchscreen. It works with the help of batteries, so it will be better if you use rechargeable cells.

I got this Eyeliner Stencil Cosmetic Stamp from the website which is just amazing. Now, your problem to get the perfect winged eyeliner has been solved forever.

I also ordered this ladies purse from the same website and it comes in grey and red color which makes a nice combination. I gifted it to my mother because she loved it more than me. In her words, “A wonderful purse is your right companion.”

*In collaboration with ToSave

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