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Vacation season is fully underway, so naturally, we are looking for cues on how to beat the heat in style. Beaches in summer are too crowded, too hot, and too filled with people, so maintaining your style proves quite difficult in such conditions. If you are planning your summer beach wardrobe, I’ve brought up a cute and stylish outfit for you today that will cover any beach-based occasion.

I’m not someone who goes out of trend or comfort to look stylish. The low-waisted, denim shorts, crop top, and white shirt combination is my beach signature. Because honestly, nothing feels better when you’re on a beach than a denim short that catches the water. Be careful if you chose to wear cotton or soft fabric shorts because they can make your garments revealed to the world.

Sneakers may not be the most practical option for the beach if you’re not actually planning to test the waters. But, yes you can always hold them in your hand and make a pose. Well, I always wanted to do that.

So, guys do let me know if you would prefer the look for your next beach vacation. Also, share your beach look with me on my Facebook and Instagram. I would love to see them all.



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