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Whether it’s summer or winter, inflation or deflation, day or night, the party is always in our mind. With growing multi-cultural trend and modernization, we have adopted western culture and lifestyle remarkably. Cocktail party, masquerading party, theme party, pool party, Halloween are just an excuse for partying nowadays.

Every party rocks because of its Host, DJ, and Women. Looking Zara hatt ke is every girl wish then. Your success is now just a few steps away. The main mantra of your fashion is your Choice. Choose a right dress which suits your personality and enhance your curves. The second important thing is Make-up. Try to keep your make-up natural and nude. Then comes Accessory. Accessory adds charm to your attire and personality.party

If you are a Fashionista and a Partyholic, we have few Accessory tips for you. By choosing right accessory with your attire, you can create your own fashion statement.

  • Choker- Choker neck pieces are in trend. Girls are going crazy after it. The more choker you have, the more you need.
  • Ear cuffs- Ear cuffs are once again back in trend. Bollywood Actresses like Vidya Balan, Sonam Kapoor were the trendsetters of this fashion last year. Also, they have made a big impact on the red carpet. Hollywood Actresses like Emma Watson, Nicole Richie wore ear cuffs on Red carpet. So why to stay back, go get one.
  • Shoulder Dusters- big and large hanging earrings look sexy. Those women having the sleek and long necks are free to experiment with its length. But when you wear shoulder dusters, try to avoid heavy necklace.
  • Neckpiece- if you are going to a cocktail party or marriage function you can freely experiment with your neck. But say no to gold, when you go for get-togethers.
  • Nose studs- if your nose is pierced then you must buy different shades and designs of studs and nose rings. It will not only enhance your facial features but make you look perfect.
  • Maang-teeka- in a marriage function, you can carry maang-teeka with your traditional attire. It will not only make you look different in the crowd but will also get you boys’ attention.
  • Rings- big and bold was always beautiful. Diamond rings, stone rings, flower rings, funky rings, cocktail rings give you an old vintage look.
  • Bags- add to your style statement. I would add, “Every other woman looks at your bag after your heels.” So always carry a matching purse or clutch with you. Toad bags, sling bags are very much famous these days.

So, now you know that by wearing right accessory with your dress, you can look fabulous and be in the limelight always.

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  1. MissTalkaholic continues to rock the blogging world with her tips in fashion. Is this lady beautiful or what. Thank you so much for the like on rutjob. Would love some feedback on that one, drop by and let your voice be heard

  2. Great post! I enjoyed reading it. I think Sonam Kapoor is in a league of her own right now. And I agree with what you said about the bags. And your blog is very beautiful. I love the layout.

    1. Oh then your chokers must be antique by now.. Wish to see them.. When I was a kid, I had a choker neckpiece but really never liked it.. Now after attaining my youth, I have to go with trend so I had to like it.. 😉

  3. You just can’t beat some ‘shoulder dusters’ and glitzy high heeled shoes for a great night out! Love this outfit although the dress would need to be a bit longer for me now but would have loved it when I was younger! x

      1. even i am trying to take a chance in travel blogging,
        as i told my sis loved it, she immediately picked up phone and ordered something online….
        PS mom wasnt happy…. she had pay na

    1. Hey just found your comment in my spam folder along with innumerable comments so sorry for replying late.. I would love to be In touch with you.. Please keep reading my posts in future and be in touch

      1. Oh I am Sorry few people are having trouble in posting a new comment. I seriously have no idea why. I tried commenting myself on my blog and I find no error. It might be a network issue I guess. You still chose to send me your comment, I am glad for that. Thank you very much.

  4. I seriously had no clues about why do the girls look beautiful every time they want to!! Now I guess, Its out in the open!! Thanks! It will be great to praise a girl more often😎☺☺

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