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I feel a connection with the old era. I want to dress up and live like the old times. I love ancient fashion and patterns. India has a rich history and tradition of clothing and fashion. From “Royal India to Modern India” we have developed our style and taste of fashion, but old-fashion still lives somewhere in our hearts. When I fell my eyes on this palazzo kurta set, I was mesmerized with the design and coloring and wanted to give it a contemporary look. This High Slit Tribal Print Midi Kurta/Dress is by Rosegal. I completed the look with a matching palazzo.

I received this amazing dress from Rosegal in a collaboration. They are currently offering some amazing discounts on their website.
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Rosegal Guideline :
(1) How to order and fit the size:https://goo.gl/b6q3vr

(2) Tracking&Currency&Language: https://goo.gl/wZZkBb

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I am also excited to tell you that this is the first time that I have tried my hands on editing these pics by using Lightroom. There are a few mistakes that I know I did but didn’t know how to fix them, so I’ll try to avoid those mistakes next time. Do let me know if you like my dress or not, because your comments are a dose of insulin to me.

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