Let’s Be Formal!


I am not a Formal Person at all, that’s why I have less Formal dresses in my wardrobe and lesser Photographs in Formal. What I don’t like about Shirts is that you can’t pair them with Skirts or Shorts much. If you are a denim person, then Shirts are for you. Here, you must note that I am not talking about office goers.

When it comes to women’s fashion, there’s a tremendous change but formally speaking, not for Formals. For today’s modern woman, style is about attitude. In words of Bill Cunningham – “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”

While being Informally Formal, I clicked few photographs of mine in Shirts. Let’s check them out-

Casual & Chic Shirt by Vero Moda
White Blouse by H&M
White Casual Shirt by H&M
Casual Shirt by Incense
Georgette Not-So-Formal Shirt by Only

“You may be a Formal Person, But I am happy being Informal- MissTalkaholic”

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    1. I am not afraid of revealing anything but I have someone in my life who doesn’t want me to promote my ownself through my ownself.. Well, the case is going on in our own court..

  1. I think you look very pretty, and the shirts all suit you. 🙂 Most girls I know actual consider your informal style to be formal. XD

    1. Thank You for your compliment.. I picked my best pictures to post here.. Haha and you can see that I can’t wear proper formal shirts because there’s only one formal shirt. Rest are casual

  2. i guess if you feel uncomfortable in shirts, you can always take them off. 😉 lol
    as for fashion, women are much more lucky than men as they have many more items to chose from.
    and informal suits you well.

  3. and i just was recently walking by an H andM! it was rather funy just after that i got a snarler of a text i had to respond to and there i was staring blankly at a screen in the middle of mall traffic like a dolt getting passed by the tiny grandmomma on her walker- it was really really sad. 😀 as to the pics, some of those ooze with comfort and that’s a style point hard to pull off and yet still look good – nicely done.

    1. Haha.. m Glad you liked it.. It seems you are a more shirt person.. Well I am very poor in guessing.. so lemme know.. And I am surprised for your coincidence.. Well may be blogging while traveling is a nice option.. I never check my notifications when I am out.. Thinking to try it in future..

      1. Comedy can ensue 😉 it can be a game of trying to mall without the trap of buying anything….oh noooo, those wiley ones at the so and so got me! – hammy pretend movie death. or, ACK the food court’s a mine field of innappropriate dietary choice….mmmmm! It is – within reason _ fun to both win and lose. 😉

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