How “TalkaholicMe” started?

TalkaholicMe blog was in the womb for years. It came into existence accidentally. To be honest, TalkaholicMe was a surrogate child, which means it took birth for a different purpose and to fulfill the needs of another human being. Also, to be a puppet of someone else.

Later in my life, I developed a kind of belonging to my own creation. Since then, TalkaholicMe has been a vital part of my life. Now my whole focus is on making its identity known in this world.

So, this is how my “TalkaholicMe” blog started. Now I am eager to know about the story behind your blog. Tell us, how & why you started your blog. How it came into existence & for what purpose?

Also, I would like to add that I published my 50th post… Finally.

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  1. Bonjour TM en ce dimanche 11 décembre

    La froide saison
    c’est la douce chaleur du foyer,
    c’est la famille retrouvée
    et la bonne humeur.
    Puisse ce Noël à venir se prolonger
    durant toute l’année

    Belle nouvelle et heureuse année 2017

    Quelle te soit de santé et de bonheur

    Gros bisous et encore joyeux Noël et meilleur

    On se réchauffe en toute amitié

    A bientôt

  2. Great work!! Thank you for dropping by at my blog. I started it last February because that is what I always read from authors, to create a blog. I never realized that this blog will be more than a platform for my book but a place of great friendship and healing for me as well. I am doing it today because writing is what I love doing and meeting amazing people (like you) 🙂

  3. I had been wanting to start my blog for a few years as well. I finally decided to just go for it because I haven’t come across any blogs about SELF LOVE so I figured why not just go for it because there may be someone out there looking for what I want to share. It’s so much fun and also quite therapeutic. I hope to enrich the lives of all of those who believe in their purpose of love. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.

  4. Congratulations on your 50th post!! I enjoy your blog.
    I started my blog, cozynookbks, because I love reading and sharing my thoughts about the books I’ve read so that others might discover their next great read. When I’ve truly enjoyed a book, it’s hard to keep my thoughts about how wonderful it was to myself. I only wish I could get half as many followers as you.
    ( :
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Such an intriguing and self-aware reason for the blog to come into being. My reason for posting is to help me understand what I think by ordering the whirlwind of thoughts into coherence by squeezing them into words and sentence structures. I like your approach of the blog as a surrogate. My science fiction writings have developed a consistent theme of technology isolating people even while creating more venues of instant communications. But technology also allows us in the future to create virtual people (typically extensions of themselves or idealized avatars of family members) who become most people’s boon companions.

    Thanks for following me; I’m enjoying your posts. Cheers

  6. I started my blog because I needed a place where I could wrote down thoughts and feelings that I was struggling with.

    I also really like movies, and wanted a place where I could say whatever I wanted about movies.

    Over time, my blog has changed. I don’t just write about movies or myself anymore. I write about subjects like anime and Catholicism too — whatever is on my mind at the moment.

  7. Awesome! Like the way you write. I started last year (used to write before, but stopped) and I hope it takes me somewhere. Up until now, I love to write my deep thoughts and emotions (it soothes me) and meeting people through blogging 🙂

  8. Congrats! I just started blogging recently about what makes me smile or what strikes me, that may something that happened or I did that day or week or something about the travels we did. I like cooking and baking so once in a while that shows up too, it’s just about all the little things in life that make me me, you know? I like IG a lot too, but that is not the medium to tell a background story or details, it’s fine for a pic and thought or quote, so that’s how it all started for me and it still needs some fine-tuning, work in progress 😉

    1. You can share and write as much as you want. This is the place where you can open your heart. I appreciate you shared your story with us. I hope to see you around in future too. Be in touch.

  9. Keep preaching brother ! The world craves to hear what you got to preach , whether they know it or not . I started this blog due to loneliness in my purpose and my in my parh . I want to give to others what i didn’t get , which is support in your dreams . If any of you have time to read or to follow my blog that would be very much appreciated

    1. Hi, first it’s sister here 😁
      Second, I appreciate you shared your blog story with us. We all started our blog for a purpose and we all wanna reach somewhere.
      Third, I liked your haters and non-sayers post.

  10. I was part of the original Vox community, which was a GREAT blogging site, when we all spun off from invites via CuteOverload (I think it was CO, it was a LONG time ago). Like most all the others, it was a way for us to build a good community of personal blogs to connect outside of CO comment threads. Vox closed about 9 yrs ago and we split between wp and blogger. The last few of us have been migrating to fb but I’ll stay… my blog is pretty much my personal diary/brain dump.

  11. I started my website as a means of exposing my short stories to the world. Blogging started shortly after, because I realized the necessity for a writer to write everyday. And I got deeper into a journey of growth and self improvement for me and my family. Alos to help further cultivate fearlessness to be truthful and poignant and sharing with others outside my small bubble in the world.

  12. Congrats on 50! I developed my blog 1 month ago tomorrow when I entered the Va alcohol treatment program for therapeutic reasons. I post lots of poetry but also a wide variety of stuff related to my recovery

  13. Hello there! I had noticed that you were connecting with BeautyBeyondBones and I wanted to hop on to your page. First off, congrats on 50 posts! I’m excited to get to know you.

    Confessions was started as a place of refuge for those suffering from Mental disorders. I felt that many sufferers did not have a place to go to where they would be heard, understood, and loved. I’ve learned many a lesson and I can only hope to continue doing so. 🙂

    1. Hey, I was just looking at your blog and really found it great. I hope one day I’ll confess something on your page as well. I like the idea behind your blog. Congrats on running it. I look forward to read more confessions from you. Happy blogging.

      1. I deeply appreciate your words of encouragement! I would love to have you on the blog, for sure. We are currently running a series called “Finding Who We Are” and giving people opportunities to share their story. It would be great if you wanted to participate! Have a great day. 🙂

  14. Congrats! I started my blog for a journal on synchronicities in motion. Life takes us on a path on awakening the Self. Who knows by next year things may change. Your blog is fun and exciting. Blessings!

  15. My blog began by accident also.. In the day of Live Space 2007.. when it closed I transferred it lock stock to WP.. Thank you TM for your blog and your interest in Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary xx

  16. Congratulations Falak and yeah you are doing a good job. The fact that it makes me comeback to read your posts shows how good you are in writing. Keep up your excellent word dear.

    I started my blog to share my recipes. Rather say to keep my recipes in a place.

  17. That’s cool…mine was as a result of to I much thinking I have attendancy of over thinking and researching.So I thought why not share my mind with the world and also learn from them but also have fun.The fun part would be fashion related.

  18. Our blog started in 2011 with a passion to help marriages. You see, we had a miracle! We divorced after 13 years, then God touched us and healed our broken family. We’ve now been married 41 years. We began traveling full time and converted our blog to our travels in a motorhome in the USA.

    1. That’s very nice to know.. May god bless everyone. Broken marriages are so painful. It’s nice that you are living a happy life now. And I like the purpose of your blog too. It’s very different. I wish you luck.

  19. Congratulations on publishing your 50th post…. :). And the story with my blog is… It was just a part of my academic assignment and that’s why I started it. 😛 But I’m continuing to write because, literature and movies are the only things I rely on for peace. In a disastrous, terribly lonely situation, I caught the hands of these two and of course, it has also earned me good friends like you and I got an exposure to beautiful blogs…. 🙂

  20. I hope that I have enough courage to share my story. I’ve at least taken the initiative by starting a blog. Maybe someday…..when I have enough people reading my stuff, I will write my story. And maybe I will honed my writing skills like you!!!👏

  21. I started writing when NOT writing was no longer an option. I have always dabbled in poetry and short fiction but about two years I started posting long personal essays on Facebook. These were almost always in response to something going on in the world that outraged me/ saddened me/ made me think. These essays wove together the personal, the political, and the past (mine and this country’s). These essays were really a type of therapy for me– they allowed me to process and work through my feelings. Gradually they developed an audience and friends started encouraging me to distribute them further than my Facebook wall. My words started to resonate for others.

    In October I wrote a piece called What Every Woman Knows and I received many requests that it be posted publicly so that others could share it with their daughters, granddaughters, sisters, friends. That was the day I started my blog. That post has been read over 2,000 times. I know that this is modest for WordPress but this was a REALLY big deal for me. Terrifying and thrilling. What still blows my mind the most is that my words have been read by readers in 49 countries.

    Congratulations on your milestone!


    1. That sounds really great how you came in blogging world. Do send me the link of your that article if you can. Writing is the best pastime for me and I feel lucky to have jewels like you around. Thank your for commenting here.

  22. Congratulations on your 50th post, that’s really great, you really should consider writing about what is your secret in having a great blogging popularity, again congrats & happy blogging.

  23. Well done on your 50th post – congratulations.
    I started my blog to record what it was like to care for my dad when he got dementia, especially after his wife (my stepmother) decided she wanted a peaceful life and left him. I moved in to care for his, supported by my husband and sister. He died before I finished writing the story so I have carried on blogging about our journey. My blog is My Dad’s a Goldfish and it’s here:
    Good luck with your next 50 posts!

  24. Congratulations on achieving your first 50 posts on Word Press! For me, I started a blog over on Blogger, then started one on WP, where I have much better response. Mostly I just wanted someone somewhere to read my fan fiction story, “Two Souls: Into the Fire”. and other writing and poems I do. Now, I enjoy writing challenges, also, and reading other blogs. There are so many with such a variety of content, and from people all over the world, which is wonderful! 🙂

  25. Thanks friend! I am so glad that your person is blossoming out into and through your blog:) I sated mine in an effort to support and promote my book “Remember the Prisoners: He Came to Set the Captives Free.” And as a platform to bridge the gap between the incarcerated and the loved one(s) left behind. Thanks and God bless!



  26. My blog, Dewey Hop, started as a way to bring positive attention to the Fulton County Public Library in Rochester, IN. Not only does it bring positive attention the library, but it highlights the many wonderful resources and services offered by FCPL.

  27. Congrats on your 50th Post! Keep up the good work!

    As for me, I have always loved writing and have always found peace in it. In the past I’ve always journaled and even started a blogger page once but didn’t keep up with it (out of fear of putting too much of myself out there). I’ve been on WordPress (started it randomly) for less than a month and I just want to keep going!

  28. Congrats! Love your blog.
    I started my blog as an outlet to heal from the stress and pain i was experiencing from broken relationships, family illnesses, life in general. I was having a horrific summer, personally, and just started writing. It is growing more than I ever thought it would and is now a passion of mine. I hope to help anyone out there realize and relate and know that it is okay to screw up, feel hurt and that we all share these experiences and we will heal. My blog is real and it is me.

    1. Everyone goes through the same in life lesser or more.. It’s how we take the things and how we cope with them. There’s always a morning after darkness. We all need to realize it. I am glad you did and I wish you luck for your purpose and journey on WP. I am happy that we are in touch and Thank you for your comment.

  29. My blog was started as a prompting. I felt God telling me to start writing one. I had experienced so much pain and abuse as well as the suicide of my husband and I wanted to reach even one other person who had experienced some of the same to let them know they are worth so much more than what they’ve ever known.

    1. You have seen a lot in your life. I wish you reach to the ultimate bliss and satisfaction. I hope you’ll be able to save many other life’s. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Be in touch

  30. Thank you for asking and posting such a thoughtful blog! I started Sparkle I guess its been about 4 months now after being gone from social media for quite a long time. I had the feeling that I need to reach out and connect with people from all over the world who would respond to my positivity as well as the need to share how creating everyday whether it be my artwork or writing has been a healing process for me so I turned to WordPress not really sure what I would do or find when I got out here. I’m happier each day that I made this choice and it is truly because of wonderful bloggers such as yourself dear one! <3 I am very glad to be out here with you! XO!

    1. Thank you dear for sharing your story with us. WP is an amazing medium to connect with people all over the world. Since I started using it, I kept going away from other social sites. I hope to see you around always. And I would like to add that I love what you write. Happy Blogging.

      1. You are such a sweetheart for saying! Your blog always makes me feel good as do you! It is like a positive new world out here for me Im so grateful for it! Happiee Blogging to you as well sweet girl! XO!

  31. congratz! ✌ to make my long story short, it was one of my many great impulse’s lol, I have never written like this before, I have never read like this before. Now I kinda like it and it’s also a way for me to cool down after work, it’s just fun reading other people’s story and have conversations 😃 I got my blog a little over a year now but only this month did I actually start making something of it loool

        1. Just write how you started your blog here on WP. And if there’s any specia purpose or motive behind your blog. Also, where do you wish to see it in future. You can write as long as you want.

          1. KK wait see this is what I have pasted Falak: “Welcome to good thoughts, good words & good deeds.

            This is my very first blog. Please spread and share the love of the universal force that is within all of us. Love & boundless blessings to all!!!! – Kamal”
            My site name is:

  32. Congratulations! Seems like you enjoy your blog and that will keep you going!

    I enjoy writing and have had some articles published in online sites as well as local spiritual newspapers. So I decided to start a blog, with the posterous site. That closed down so I switched to wordpress.

    I love sharing, inspiring and building community with others through reading their blogs, commenting, etc and having them read my blog. Building relationships, lifting each other up….that’s what brings me joy.

    1. We have same past in writing field, I would say. I was in journalism field and had my articles published online as well as in print media. Well, I worked for electronic media also but for a short period of time. Now I am enjoying working as a social worker and a blogger.

      1. well,i don’t hv any special story as such….i was always keen on writing from my childhood and i have a diary….full of poems so suddenly one day i started a blog… 🙂 well,my blog is very new..just 3 months old… 🙂

    1. It feels very good to see you around always. You are a true friend cum follower here and I am lucky to have you. But I am sorry I think I am late to ask for your name. By the way its never too late than never. Hehe.

      1. Ah . I’m suprith.. I always like being surrounded by the people who uplift me . like u do. I love reading ur post and interacting with u.. Thanks for considering me as true friend . my pleasure . the feeling is same here.

  33. I posted a couple of times in 2014, but really only started my blog this year, in June, partially out of despair at being almost unable to write any longer by hand, due to arthritis, but also because of the ability to include photos, videos, and audio files in the posts, as opposed to journal entries on paper. My blog is a combination of a journal-type vessel chronicling my doings and a topical exploration of events and issues that have caught my interest. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

    1. Hello Timi,
      I appreciate you took time out to share your story with us. I loved it- how you started your journey. I like reading your posts. I wish you all the luck for your WP journey.

  34. Mine was started back in 2008, after which I had 3-4 different blogs. This October I decided to consolidate all into one. So I used the WP tools to export those sites, created a new account, and imported all blogs at one place! 🙂 The purpose was to get those intense thoughts out of my mind in a well-formatted way, i.e. writing! 🙂

    1. Oh that’s cool. And I think you took a nice decision to accumulate your scattered thoughts here. Well done. Thank you for sharing your experience here. I wish you all the best and Happy Blogging

      1. You’re welcome! My story is pretty short and simple. I love to read, discuss and dissect books. Blogging was something I’d wanted to do for a while, but hadn’t had the time. And was also quite nervous about it because I didn’t think I would know how to do it! But finally, I was like… ok, I’m gonna go for it! And I did! And here I am! 😊

  35. mine was started to check how content was king for search engines like google(SEO), and then when I saw wordpress team was doing a good job internally for SEO, I thought, why don’t I start writing and that was how Perceptions was born four years ago…

      1. I think the following points matter
        1. Original content
        2. do not duplicate the same on other content sites, even if it is original
        3. the post heading should be mentioned in the content atleast a couple of times, and with proper tags
        4. choose your title wisely, it shouldn’t clash with popular titles already
        5. Last but not the least, splash your links to get initial hits, and if the content is worth reading, people will slowly flock and therefore keep the post on the first or second page of such search engines…

  36. Most of the times our dreams take form to reality unexpectedly.
    My blog – Maze of the Mind was also born on an impulse. I had recently quit my full day job to take care of my ailing mother and while I was involved in her day to day activities I had a lot of spare time in my hand. My frustration of having empty time was building up. Meanwhile I had thought of having a blog quite sometime back and knw kg my ex colleague had just started hers.
    On an impulse I bought the basic package on WordPress and that’s it. J didn’t work on it for a week. Then as an outlet for my geld up emotions I started writing and that’s how my blog was born .

    1. It felt so good to read your comment and to know about the story behind your blog. I wish health for your mother and a better future for your WP journey. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Have a happy day ahead and Happy Blogging.

  37. Congrats…..I started my blogging coz I saw it was nice to be with some really beautiful and wonderful people like you here….😜😜😜, infact I think I’m late else by this time I would have anyway found someone special here….. Just kidding…..hahaha…..I know this site is not😉😉…… Coming to the point, if you see my first post, I was inspired by a little child…. And there began my journey…..

    1. I like your sense of humor Steve. But I believe you spoke from your heart first 😝😝 I haven’t read your first post till now but now I will.. To know about your blog more. I appreciate your comment.

  38. you have built a great blog……..Congratulations!
    as far as my blog is concerned………it has only taken baby steps………..after traveling some distance……i might have a story to tell. 🙂 🙂

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