Happy Starting Of 2017

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Today I am posting my 1st blog post of the year 2017 & I am so excited to tell you about my new year celebration. I am also going to tell you about a new fashion brand in market- ABRATI. For my new year celebration, I decided to wear my new Top from Abrati Clothing Brand, which is in olive color & has a twist back.

For New Year, I had no rocking plans but just a simple lunch in a Hotel with my special one. I decided to match my latest Olive Top with a pair of denim & a bikers jacket as it was pretty cold on New Year’s Eve. I loved how the whole outfit turned out & I had a cool look amongst my lady friends who were shivering in single dresses. After a pleasant day, I spent the night of New Year with my family & prayed in the night as always.

I loved the olive color & fabric of this product very much. You can buy the Olive Twist Back Top by Abrati HERE or HERE

I would also love to tell you that New Year has already brought me a gift- my site got few advertisements. Now I would urge you to visit my site from your Phone browser or Laptops/PC and help a girl in her adventurous journey. You Know How 😉

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      1. would you laugh at how the word abrati means hug but the English word BRAT obvious sounds a bunch similar: I often wonder if we sometimes absorb words yet mean the opposite of them on purpose 😉 http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=brat of course to addd to the joy of this, the English version of the word means cloathes/cloak/begger’s child’s coat. as you looked stunnin in your photo offerings, forgive me if we just have a lil sweeep sweep of this under the rug, there was some noise but it could have beeen anything 😉

        1. Haha, it’s an interesting and renowned fact that many words have different meanings in different languages. As far as I researched about the Abrati Fashion Brand, I came to know that this word is initial of its owner’s name. I am pretty sure he must not have thought about googling it. Thank you for giving me the compliment anyways.

  1. Hey nice top, but isn’t it difficult to walk on heels. I must confess I could never in fact I never did try heels😁 I read your “about” column. It’s really impressive. I have a request to make on this note, since you have worked for newspapers and magazines would you mind giving your honest opinion/ review about my work. I really want to work hard on my write upa and improve them. Looking forward to hear from you.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment. . For your 1st Q’s. I would say, you must try once walking in heels. I fall so many times before I became perfect for them. And 2nd, I would love to read your posts…

  2. Happy 2017! Nice olive top. The flowers in the second and third photos in the blog post are beautiful! And thanks again for following my blog and taking the time to click on the “like” button!

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