Gone Days

Gone are the days when we used to love each other,

Gone are the days when we were fond of each other,

I see our relationship dying and I can’t do anything but crying,

I remember that last time when we were holding hands and shying,

I wish to turn back time and make everything right,

I wish to hold my last breath at your sight,

Don’t you make me hurt anymore

Cos I am already dying,

I loved you from heart but you were always lying,

This is the end and you are not mine!

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  1. wishes of
    is a thing
    of the past.
    the only thing
    remains, of
    a withered love.
    is the wish
    to perish;
    in the warmth
    of your arms.

    sad, beautiful and very relatable…….i loved it! 🙂

  2. Hell and heaven can be one and the same
    And thats just life…without a doubt
    Every pleasure also holds an equal share of pain
    Now it wont seem right…but it all works out

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