Fourth Anniversary!

They say new year brings a new life. Today, we have completed our fourth year together but I am sorry honey, our new year won’t be different for us. I will be loving to you or be caring for you, in the same way like I was before. I am sorry but you’ll have to see my tantrums this year too or take me on a long drive on my blue days. I am sorry because I will be demanding and talkaholic like I was before.

One thing I am extremely remorseful about today, I can’t say that I will love you more from now because I already love you from the bottom of my heart. I am saying “sorry” in advance for the year to come because you know I am not going to say it ever again. I am so damn lucky to have an alien in you. And you’re damn lucky to have an alien in me.

They say time changes everything but time couldn’t change us. We still fight with each other on who loves whom more and I think we can never solve it. Still, I agree on one thing they say, that time flies. It actually flew while I feel I just met you the day before yesterday.

I remember last year I said three years back it was little cold and my life was on hold. With you, my journey has been on a roller coaster ride and you are my source of pride. I am sorry because I am out of the city to work and you are waiting at home. I should have planned my dates accordingly and I take the blame. I’ll be there soon and we’ll be together at noon. I promise honey, I won’t leave you ever and will love you forever. Happy Anniversary! Cheers for many more years to come!

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