Fashion Quote #1

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Don’t Forget You Were Born Naked and i.e How You Look The Best!

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  1. Ok if you live in a warm climate 🙂 😉 But I like to strip back the mind, as we get back to our Inner core… There you can feel really exposed 😉
    Love and hugs and many thanks for your likes I appreciate them.. 🙂 xxx

  2. Very true: We are born naked, and we look the best when we are naked.

    We look “the best” in the sense that, when we are naked, we are as God created us to be.

    God created us naked, and it was His will that we not be ashamed of our nudity.

    But because of the nature of this imperfect world, it can be hard to see our nudity as something to be proud of: We are afraid that, when we are naked, we will be objectified — we will not be seen as the human beings we are, we will be seen as a means to an end.

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