Fantastic beasts and where to find them

Written by J.K.Rowling and Directed by David Yates, Fantastic Beasts is an awe-inspiring and spellbinding film. The movie is the first part of an upcoming series of films based on the Fantastic Beasts franchise. Fantastic Beasts movie is set in 1926 and takes us to a new era, decades before Harry Potter series. Fantastic Beasts is a 2001 book written by J.K.Rowling and has been mentioned in Harry Potter book series.

The movie revolves around Newt Scamander, who is a Magizoologist and has traveled the world in research of magical beasts. For a purpose, Newt landed in the New York city where he met Tina Goldstein who’s an ex-investigator and has worked for MACUSA (Magical Congress of the United States of America). She wants to get her status back, which puts her directly in the path of Newt. She arrested him for roaming in the city with his magical suitcase being an unregistered wizard.

Queenie Goldstein is Tina’s younger sister and has some magical powers too. She has a good heart and loves her elder sister very much. Jacob is a muggle in the movie who dreams of becoming a baker but landed in trouble with Newt. At first, he thought of the magical world and creatures as the imagination of his mind, but soon realizes and helped Newt till the end.

In the magical trunk of Newt Scamander, you will see another world full of amazing unique creatures like Niffler, Nundu, Erumpent, Graphorn, Billywig, Demiguise, Occamy, Swooping evil, Pickett the bowtruckle, etc. There’s one particular creature in the movie I liked the most- Niffler. Niffler is a fluffy, long-snouted and a burrowing creature, who has a penchant for anything shiny. It is Niffler indeed who escaped from Newt’s suitcase and brought trouble to him in the new city.

Fantastic Beasts is an immeasurably entertaining movie.You will see a rare kind of magic in this movie, that will have you believe all over again. At the end, I would love to say J.K. Rowling has done it again!

Don’t forget to tell us which one is your favorite Fantastic Beast?

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  1. I was too enamored with the three dimensional cinematography to pay attention to any creature’s actual title, but I found the one that closely resembled a peacock to be the most beautiful. 😀

      1. Will do … I love such films … it gives me a chance and occasion to escape this cruel world … nice at times … but very very individual .. unfortunetly
        .. we live as if there wsd no one else existing … its a me world! Thank God for the minority of all those “Good humble helpers” out there … otherwise .. we would be lost. I often think … no wonder ther’s been no aliens ….if I was more intelligent life from another planet … I would also … not let myself seen here!

        1. Haha you seems to be a fantasy lover. I am sure you are gonna like this movie. You’ll be lost in this magic world like many of us had. Now I am hoping for its sequels to come soon.

  2. My boss raved about this today and nearly begged all of us to go watch it 🙂 I think I might. The only ‘fantasy’ movie I’ve liked so far is the LOTR series.

  3. I loved the little green stick guy…I can’t remember his name but he was my favourite. Great little snippet of Jonny Depp too, who doesn’t love a bit of him hey?!
    I can’t wait for the rest of the films and I eager to get my hands on the books so I can give them a read too!

  4. YES!! I watched Fantastic Beasts!! And its totally amazing!! I loved it!! My mooooooooost favorite beast was the Niffler. It is so cute and funny, always nicking shiny stuff!

  5. Did watch the movie, an awesome one, wouldn’t mind watching it again for the 2nd time for that naughty niffler hahaha and that erumpent (rhino) is certainly hilarious! 10 out of 10 for this movie!

  6. Ok- this is crazy, but at 22 years old I am reading Harry Potter for the first time… I know I am wayyy behind on the craze, but it’s been on my “to read” list for FOREVER, and no time like the present right?! So I love JK Rowling, and I cannot wait until I am caught up and can contribute to these conversations 😉

  7. The movie is nice! I love how they set up great props and graphic like that 🙂 I love the niffler! He (or maybe she?) makes me laugh all the time 🙂 I’m going for Moana next month!

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