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Girls love accessories. They love to have matching shoes, bag, scarf, necklace but they sometimes neglect the most important accessory i.e. Earrings. Earrings have the power to be this little thing that can make you look fabulous. A matching pair of earrings to your dress can make you look sizzling. Party season is here and we all must be having our plans. But we shop these little things very often and by chance. I personally feel that a woman should never go without them. So, today I thought to share with you my favourite must have earring trends.

  • Feather Ear Cuff- are very much in trend. You can give your simple look a different version when you carry these stylish ear cuffs.


  • Craft Earballs- such type of earrings are flooded all over the market. You can carry them in a family get-together.


  • Crystal Earrings- are beautiful to carry. They give your look a perfect glamorous touch and can be worn with a dress, gown, or traditional attire.


  • Pearl Earrings- add an elegant touch to your whole personality. They are perfect to wear on a date. So, what are you waiting for?


  • Chand Bali Earrings- are a real treat for the eyes. They are modern yet traditional. They represent the beauty and elegance of the Mughal Era. Carry them in a family function or a college farewell, you will be in the limelight.


  • Stone Earrings- always mix and match colorful and golden earrings with your dress.


  • Metal Earrings- comes in both classy and party styles.

So girls, the secret of a successful look lies in front of you now. Perfect earrings to a dress can be the perfect match ever. Go get the unique jewel for your perfect look & enjoy these little things. If you like the post, let me know your favorite piece in the comment section below.

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  1. I love your collection of earrings, all of them are truly unique. My sensitivities don’t allow for such a collection and with toddlers, I tend to just wear studs. But my favorite are hoops, they bring such a wonderful personality to your wardrobe.

    1. I agree with your point of view towards tops. They definitely add elegance to our look. That’s Why I love wearing them. Thank you for letting us know about your favorite earrings.

  2. Gorgeous … I’m a guy and had my ear pierced in 1969. The left ear naturally. Then took it, the earring, out in 1977. Because the ear was in danger of being split from twigs. Living in rural B.C. Canada. Notwithstanding, for a woman? This probably does not apply? For a woman,
    it becomes fashion and beauty.

    Hands up all those who wish their ears split by by nature, when roaming in wooded areas? Not me … Cheers Jamie

  3. Pretty earrings. My favorite are the green drop earrings and the pearl earrings that look like a stud with what looks like a drop but the pearl earring is all one. so elegant. I’m a jewelry person so I like looking at jewelry.🙂🙂

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