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My brother went to a hill station last year & bought me a gift. I have still kept that gift intact. It was a box full of Glass Earrings. In that box, I found earrings of different styles and colors. I love earrings and these ones are very special to me. Though I have lost or broken half of the pairs but I have still kept the remaining piece of many styles. In today’s blog post I am sharing the photograph of few earrings.

  • Glass Earrings- can be easily bought at any Hill Station of Northern India.


  • Statement Earrings- are popular since decades. They are perfect to wear at any place, whether you are a party goer or a college student.


  • Round Earrings- these classic earrings are round in shape. But, if your face is round, avoid wearing them.

Earrings add elegance to your outfit. You really don’t need any style guide to know what earrings you must wear casually. It depends solely on your choice and taste.

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