Don’t Breathe

dont breathe

Don’t Breathe Movie which released pretty late in India is full of Suspense, Thrill, and Mystery of course. The movie is categorized under Horror/Thriller genre but it lacks horror approach. While watching its trailer on YouTube, I sensed it is more of suspense and not horror. And I have always been attracted to such genres.

Movie roams around three thieves- Rocky, Money, and Alex, who break into the house of a blind Army veteran, thinking they’ll get away easily. But things start to go wrong from the beginning. From then onwards, Don’t Breathe becomes a part of you that I even held my breath sometimes. Army veteran is a blind man but his sense of smell and hearing is damn strong that he locked the thieves in his home such that there is no going out.

As a writer, I have become smarter about predicting the conclusion or storyline while watching the movie, But Don’t Breathe surprised me on every next scene. Until the end, I wasn’t able to predict the next scene and this is what I liked the most.

Director Fede Alvarez shot movie so well that I feel he simply monopolized the suspense genre here. Plus, he sets a new standard for a thrill, horror through his film. Murder, Kidnapping, Robbery factors give this film a universal approach. If you are a lover of watching something new, then this movie is for you. Go hurry up. The movie released last week only in India.

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  1. And…I love your reviewing/writing style. So many people overload their prose with adjectives galore and use adverbs instead of choosing a more potent verb. My…I sound like a critic myself!! But I see you were media student so I guess that’s why your sentences are so succinct. Nice, thanks

  2. OMG. Don’t Breathe was amazing. It’s definitely in my top 20 movies list. It was exceptionally well-made. Granted, in the middle it was a bit repetitive with the characters going around the house like trapped rats, and their were a few plot inconsistencies like (how did the blindman manage to kidnap the rich girl?) but the third act was practically gave me a heart attack, lol. I left the cinema and my heart was still pumping furiously. The style reminds me a bit of French Xtreme wave horror. Like you, I agree it wasn’t so much as horror as suspense, but there was something supernatural about the blindman’s agility and speed and a few answers were left unsolved at the end leaving room for a potential sequel. I’ve watched a lot of horror movies and most have them have been big disappointments, so this was a solid effort. 🙂

  3. thrilling and suspenseful, def…worth watching more than once, especially when you know what happens the second/third/etc. time around and just want to see the reactions of other audience members in the theater, lol

    1. Haha.. u r correct.. it will be so much fun.. I was chit-chatting and guessing through out the movie as what they should do, what they could have done, they should do that…haha.. it was really thrilling and chilling

  4. Good Review! Reading the plot reminds me of another flick on the same genre Hush 2016… if not watch it 🙂 and yeah looking forward for more reviews.

    1. Um I haven’t watched it but will surely download It Now.. You must also go watch Don’t breathe.. Its really worth it.. and thanks for comment.. I think ill write muCH better review next time

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