Devbhoomi- The Land Of Gods


Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you have a cheerful year ahead. Well, 2019 is going to be happening for me. This I know for sure. I have a lot of plans for this year and I hope everything turns right for me.

During the New Years celebration, I was traveling so I think I am going to have a lot of upcoming journeys. Recently I went to Ranikhet, a popular hill station in Uttarakhand State, northern India. Uttarakhand or Uttaranchal is also known as the name of Devbhoomi.

Devbhoomi is The Land of God. The title of Dev Bhoomi is given to Uttarakhand by Rishi and Munis from ancient times. This is the place where people meditate on God without any distraction or disturbance and unite with God. Archaeological evidence supports the existence of humans in the region since prehistoric times. Among the first major dynasties of Garhwal and Kumaon were the Kunindas in the 2nd century BC who practiced an early form of Shaivism. Ashokan edicts at Kalsi show the early presence of Buddhism in this region.

It borders the Tibet Autonomous Region on the north, the Mahakali Zone of the Far-Western Region, Nepal on the east, and the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh to the south and Himachal Pradesh to the northwest. We started our journey early morning with the plan to reach our destination before the sunset. But, what you think will happen never happens, especially while you are traveling. We got late and it started to get hazy while we were on the mountain. So, we had to stop our journey for the day at Nainital, which fell on the way to Ranikhet. Nainital is also a popular hill station and is said to be one the best-shining diamonds of Himalayan Belt.

What’s better than having a cold ice cream in -1 degree Celsius temperature.
The famous Naini lake, a natural freshwater body, situated amidst the town. Before leaving for the Ranikhet, we had a ride in the famous lake.
I am holding a Pahadi Nimbu, which comes in winters. I loved the flavor and aroma of these lemons so much that I bought a dozen lemons.
You might be wondering why am I wearing my nightsuit on a sunny day. On our way to Sunoli, I went to a lake where wild bushes stuck on my sweater, so I had to change it.

We reached our destination in the evening. Sunoli is a Village in Syaldey Block in Almora District of Uttarakhand State. The village has only 50 homes with less than 200 people in it. The tiger attacks had left the residents of this village in terror. These people have no indoor toilet and still use the fields as their toilets.

Almost as soon as we arrived, the sky turned dusky. Few villagers warned us not to go alone in dark. We kept the bonfire lit whole night. I felt a sense of tremor inside, something I never felt before. In metro cities, we are haunted by our own desires, faults, failures, breakups, but never imagined this feeling.

You wouldn’t believe me if I say I didn’t go to pee whole night in fear. At that moment, I preferred to control my pee and not to be the lion’s dinner. I kept cursing government and animal activists whole night. Once, I even blamed myself for coming here.

Our home was situated on the hilltop, and we had to trek all the way up through the rough pathway. At the first appearance of dawn, life starts here. It was so chilly in the morning that I literally sat outside with my blanket. Next day, we came down from the mountain to leave for our next destination.

Houses here are almost similar in size, shape, color. It gives the whole village a beautiful look.

Traveling to a hill station in winter is quite a difficult task. I prefer to pack light while traveling but you can’t skip anything on a freezing hill station. Eventually, I ended up completing my whole journey in my super warm leggings. Though, I tried my best to look fab and alive all the time.

Ready to trek down with all my luggage.
The temperature went down during the night and we saw the first frozen ice of the season next day.
Garam Pani is situated in the valley (Ghat) near the Kosi River. Garam Pani is on the way to Ranikhet or Almora near Ratighat. This place is a miracle, and that’s what reminds us of the name- Devbhoomi.
At last, what’s a journey without a selfie.

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  1. Happy New Year, Falak!

    Beautiful adventure and pictures! I experience the same thing every night about a restroom situation, being homeless. It’s awful.

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